SAGE Automation , 6 September 2018 (8 min read)

In Australia, distributed energy resources (DER) are predicted to take over as the main type of energy supply, but what are they? And how can they impact industrial businesses’ bottom line?

Paul Moore , 16 August 2018 (12 min read)

Cutting through the energy industry hyperbole is more important now than ever. Australia’s electricity market is undergoing political scrutiny as the government’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG) is debated.

Steven Bailey , 9 August 2018 (5 min read)

The promise of Industry 4.0 is centred around the way we collect, store, process and analyse data to enable better decision-making—at lightning speeds. But we’re not there yet.

Paul Moore , 27 July 2018 (7 min read)



Australia’s energy market -- the network of poles and wires that supply Australia with electricity -- is undergoing massive disruption and volatility. 

SAGE Automation , 19 July 2018 (8 min read)

The building blocks of tomorrow’s smart cities – from advanced data analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT) communication, driverless cars and cloud computing – all need fast, reliable communication networks. And the answer lies in 5G…

SAGE Automation , 9 July 2018 (8 min read)

Australia, and the world, is talking about 5G. A lot. 


Its promise of increased speed and unparalleled low latency and throughput capacity has got everyone asking:  What does it mean for telecommunications, industry, and the average person with a smart phone?

SAGE Automation , 7 June 2018 (5 min read)

The ability to respond quickly to industrial control faults and electrical breakdowns to reduce unplanned downtime relies heavily on your production and maintenance staffs’ ability to quickly find the problem and identify what help is required.

SAGE Automation , 22 May 2018 (8 min read)

The world has more data then it knows what to do with. IBM says the world creates two and a half quintillion bytes or 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data EVERY DAY.

SAGE Automation , 10 May 2018 (5 min read)

While residential solar has been steadily increasing in Australia, the industrial sector is only just coming to the table -- but in big ways. We explore how, and to what scale, industrial operators are installing large scale solar photovoltaic (PV) to reduce their energy consumption.

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