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Sydney Airport's assets are integrated into one Airport Management System (AMS), from the High Voltage system and pump stations, through to energy meters, pollution gates, UPS units and lighting.

Delivering the ITS and control systems in the tunnel was no small undertaking. With more than 12 systems in the tunnel alone, and over 25 contractors and suppliers, the skill and cooperativeness required to deliver on time to standard, was undeniable.

SAGE installed new ITS along the Monash Freeway, confidently guiding our client through challenges to deliver an end-to-end solution.

SAGE delivered CAD 3D modelling and the 2D layout drawing for the design through to issue for construction for 20 roadside cabinets (RSC) for Aurecon.

SAGE delivered a managed ITS solution to support the widening of Australia's South Eastern Freeway safely and on time, navigating live-traffic conditions.

SAGE delivered a major ITS upgrade along South Australia's Urban Superway, improving response time and operational costs.

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