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SAGE delivered CAD 3D modelling and the 2D layout drawing for the design through to issue for construction for 20 roadside cabinets (RSC) for Aurecon.




SAGE delivered CAD 3D modelling and the 2D layout drawing for the design through to issue for construction (IFC) for 20 roadside cabinets (RSC) for Aurecon and its work delivering the ITS component of the Western Distributor Smart Motorway project.


ITS cabinet design integration, 3D CAD modelling, 2D Cabinet layout drawings, 50%-80%-100%-IFC


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Director Melbourne Airport

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More than 130,000 vehicles use the Western Distributor each day, making it Sydney’s busiest transport corridor. Motorists using this route were experiencing high congestion and long traffic queues, particularly during the morning peak – reducing the overall network reliability and increasing the risk of incidents.

When incidents did occur, they often resulted in further delays and longer queues while incident response teams cleared them. Additionally, the flow-on effects often impacted connecting intersections and surrounding roads.

Aiming to improve congestion and response times, reduce traffic queues, improve response times, and enhance overall network reliability, Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) initiated the Western Distributor Smart Motorway project.

Aurecon, contracted by TfNSW to deliver the ITS component of the Western Distributor Smart Motorway Project, reached out to SAGE Automation for assistance in providing ITS design constructability support and the development of 3D cabinet models and 2D cabinet layout drawings.


SAGE was contracted by Aurecon to deliver CAD 3D modelling and final 2D layout drawings for the design of 20 roadside cabinets (RSC) as part of the Western Distributor Smart Motorway project for TfNSW.

The RSCs control Intelligent Transport System (ITS) field devices including Integrated Speed Lane Use Signs (ISLUS), Electronic Variable Message Signs (VMS), Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) radars, and more, used in the overall ITS solution.

SAGE designed the layout contents of the internals within the RSC, including everything from the power supply, surge protectors, level 2 switches, access points, ITS field controllers, and UPS systems and associated batteries. Once the cabinet layout was agreed upon, SAGE began developing the 3D models of the 20 field cabinets.

SAGE's 3D CAD model of an ITS roadside cabinet.

Utilising AutoCAD software, SAGE engineers 3D-modelled each of the 20 ITS RSC in detail so it represented what the cabinets would look like when built. Once the RCS 3D design was confirmed, SAGE developed the RCS 2D layout drawings from the outcome of the 3D model.

The entire design process was undertaken during the 50%-80%-100% and issued for construction (IFC) design stages. During each of the design stages, the 3D RSC models and 2D RSC layout designs were packaged and sent for collaborative feedback to Aurecon, with SAGE working closely with the client to exceed delivery expectations.

Worst case 2D modelThe 100% 2D IFC model of the roadside cabinet, designed by SAGE.


Leveraging our existing knowledge from previous projects on the Western Distributor / Warringah Freeway and extensive expertise with ITS, SAGE assisted Aurecon in the successful delivery of the ITS design components of the Western Distributor Smart Motorway Project.

SAGE worked in a collaborative manner with Aurecon to provide a solution that was cost-effective, compliant with the relevant standards and fit for purpose, limiting the technical risk associated with the project and ensuring a successful outcome for Aurecon and their client TfNSW.

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