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Tunnel solutions and SAGE

Reducing congestion while keeping commuters safe - we know how critical the latest tunnel safety systems are for managing traffic. 

SAGE delivers a complete smart transport solution for the most complex tunnel projects, from initial design through to tunnel maintenance and ongoing support. 

We bring comprehensive experience managing critical technologies that improve your tunnel's operation and lifespan. 

Giving careful consideration to whole-of-life costs, we work with you to find innovative solutions that improve visibility for your network and keep traffic flowing. 


  • We deliver tunnel control systems and ITS networks, including design, engineering, manufacture, testing and service.
  • As a system integrator, we design and integrate tunnel control systems from all major vendor platforms.
  • Our extensive knowledge of Intelligent Transport Systems ensures best practices that improve the operation and maintenance of your tunnel. 

Your tunnel system integration partner 

SAGE delivers certainty for Intelligent Transport Systems across the road, rail, tunnel and bridge fields and lists all of Australia’s leading civil contractors and many private tunnel and toll road operators amongst our valued clients.


What we provide

  • Operations Management Control Systems (OMCS) upgrades and replacements
  • Process Management Control Systems (PMCS) upgrades and replacement
  • System integration
  • Tunnel fire life safety systems
  • Automatic incident detection - VIDS and TIDS systems
  • End-to-end quality assured project management and design verification
  • Optimising asset performance
  • Predictive analytics
  • Niche cabinet manufacture
  • AS 61508 safety system design and operational compliance
  • End user or operator training
  • 24/7 service, support and maintenance

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Tunnel controls and safety systems

SAGE designs, installs, integrates and delivers the systems that are essential for safe, maintainable tunnel systems.

We bring more than 20 years of experience managing critical technologies that improve the operation and lifespan of tunnels, including the ability to protect equipment and increase the asset’s availability.


SAGE's differentiation is how we deliver:

  • Tunnel Operations Management Controls System (OMCS) and Plant Management Control System (PMCS) across multiple vendor platforms
  • Strong PLC and SCADA engineering capability Australia-wide
  • ITS engineering
  • Linear heat detection
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Air quality
  • Deluge control
  • Power management via power distribution & monitoring system
  • Video incident detection
  • Access monitoring
  • Fan vibration monitoring and electrical monitoring
  • Control and switchboard panel manufacture
  • High-level communication
  • Redundant networking
  • LED lighting control systems
  • Main fire panels
  • HVAC 

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O-Bahn tunnel systems

SAGE delivered the essential tunnel systems required for the O-Bahn, including fire-life safety, ventilation, deluge pumping, and power monitoring systems designed to reduce whole-of-life costs.

The O-Bahn city access project involved the latest C-ITS innovations, incorporating bus collision avoidance, unauthorised vehicle detection, priority signalling and real-time travel data collection.


Cross Yarra Partnership

SAGE is the tunnel and building management control system designer and integrator for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project. 

SAGE’s responsibilities include the design and
delivery of automated control systems for this major railway project.

The Metro Tunnel Project is the largest public transport infrastructure project ever undertaken in Victoria, delivering twin 9km rail tunnels under Melbourne and five new underground stations. 


Predictive maintenance for tunnel jet fans

The twin Heysen Tunnels have adopted an innovative solution that leads the way in predictive maintenance.

The system detects wear and tear through sensors installed at 12 points on each fan that monitor the status of the fans and mounting brackets, via vibration trends.

SAGE Automation configured the SCADA and PLC components of the fan vibration monitoring system.


Smart tunnel maintenance and 24/7 support

Solutions such as predictive maintenance modernise the way maintenance is conducted on key assets and equipment used within tunnels, enabling greater diagnostics and predictability surrounding equipment maintenance scheduling and costs.

SAGE delivers seamless support to the transport sector at all stages of a project and beyond. The National Operations Centre provides a clear picture of your operational performance as well as remote real-time monitoring of assets, fault diagnosis and resolution.

Why us?

SAGE is an authorised system integrator and partner of choice for all major PLC and SCADA platform providers.

We list many of the nation’s leading civil contractors and many private tunnel and toll road operators among our valued clients.


  • National footprint, multi-industry large team
  • Established quality and engineering process


  • 24/7 service teams available nationally – largest in Australia
  • Highly experienced in design and managing risk
  • Future forward technology innovators
  • Agnostic technology integrator for any hardware and software

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