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A SAGE Group Company

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SAGE has more than 10 years of experience working in the ports sector, engaged by leading designers and suppliers in ship loading solutions, and delivering reliable, safe, and secure systems for our customers. We can design, build, test, install, commission, and maintain systems purpose-built for ports around Australia. 

Optimise safety and efficiency

We understand that ports are complex environments with large, automated equipment for the loading and unloading of ships. Our experienced in-house designers and TUV-certified functional safety engineers can integrate solutions that make work environments safer without sacrificing productivity.



24/7 support for critical infrastructure and fuel farms

SAGE supports critical port infrastructure across Australia and is experienced and capable of safely managing fuel farms. Whether via a critical design review or an after-hours call out for one of our on-call service technicians, we are here for all your design service needs, plant upgrades and 24/7 support.

Real-time data, enhanced efficiency

Ports are constantly under pressure to improve operational efficiency, enhance safety measures, and reduce costs. At SAGE, we design and implement solutions that automate processes, optimise workflows and reduce downtime, while our smart systems can provide real-time data and insights to help you make informed decisions and improve your bottom line.



Implementing a range of physical and cyber security measures to protect critical airport infrastructure and ensure the safety of passengers and employees is critical. To manage these competing demands, you need to have the right systems and processes in place to enable effective resource allocation and planning, as well as a focus on innovation and technology to drive operational efficiency and improve the passenger experience.

SAGE works with airport technology suppliers and specialist electrical contractors to provide project and stakeholder management, design and switchboard manufacturing, and PLC and SCADA testing and commissioning while managing the risks associated with a complex cutover. 

Turnkey airport upgrade solutions

We understand that airports require complex fuel systems that must function safely and efficiently to ensure flights are on time. SAGE has delivered turnkey solutions to upgrade large and complex fuel systems in both civil and defence airports, including leak detection systems, Hazardous Area (HA) assessments for both new and brown field fuel farms. 


20+ years of providing service and support for airports

SAGE has supported the Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) system and the Airport Management Systems (AMS) at some of Australia’s busiest airports for more than twenty years. This includes a SCADA system with more than 40,000 tags600 controllers, full system redundancy, Historian and custom reports.

Maximise cross-department collaboration

From air traffic control and ground handling to passenger processing and retail operations, every department needs to know what's happening to maximise efficiency and security. Our solutions can help streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and improve situational awareness across the entire operation, enabling effective communication and collaboration across teams and departments.


More to explore


Remote SCADA breakdown support enables reliable shipping deliveries

Engaged by a major shipping company, SAGE provided breakdown support to remotely fault find and update SCADA systems to ensure reliable deliveries. 


Keep the planes flying: how we support Adelaide Airport

Delivering Adelaide Airport control systems support and engineering with 24/7 call-out support, site audits, and control system backups for major projects.


Local SAGE-made panels go global

SAGE has manufactured more than 400 control panels for airports around the globe, locally manufactured in Adelaide's state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility.