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Trusted transport solutions

In a true move towards sustainable future transport networks, SAGE delivers and develops technologies that are making accessible, integrated transport systems of the future.

A trusted provider of transport solutions for more than 25 years, we have delivered major projects to future-proof our road networks, reduce congestion, improve safety and response times, and optimise efficiencies - supported by a wealth of experience in intelligent transport systems (ITS).

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Improving the user experience

Transport initiatives are about moving people and goods safely, efficiently, affordably, and sustainably in our cities and digital transformation is key to driving smarter, data-based decisions to make this possible.

SAGE Automation is proud to be investing in initiatives that improve the end-user experience, reduce life cycle costs, lessen environmental impact, and prepare you for future technologies.

SAGE Transport Solutions


Major infrastructure projects

Delivering our first million-dollar project back in 1999, SAGE Automation has been a go-to for major infrastructure works for tunnels, rail, roads, ports and airports across Australia. From the Heysen Tunnels and iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Monash Freeway in Victoria - wherever you are in Australia, you've likely used a transport network that we've helped improve.

Designing and implementing solutions for smart tunnels is part of our DNA. See how we design, install, integrate and deliver essential systems for safe, maintainable tunnel networks. 
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We are investing in the future with smart rail solutions. Learn how you can digitally transform your rail operations with our engineering, service, and support solutions. 
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Trusted by the transport industry for over 25 years, SAGE Automation seamlessly integrates the most advanced road technologies into complex projects.
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We have knowledge and experience in navigating highly complex port and airport environments safely and efficiently, allowing us to focus on achieving your desired project outcomes.
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Congestion management

As our roads become busier, ensuring safety while maximising traffic flow is paramount. We harness the latest technologies and industry partnerships to reduce road congestion, improve traffic management systems and future-proof corridors for future technologies. Learn how we do it with our sister company, Addinsight.


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Operations and maintenance

The beating heart of any transport network is ensuring systems are in place to respond quickly to failures, or even better, predict them before they happen. Our operations and maintenance support team ensure you have access to the best technical engineers 24/7, ensuring your network remains efficient, operational and commuters are safe.


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Improvements: projects and services

For more than a quarter of a decade, we've delivered projects in the transport industry–and understand that sometimes, one project opens the door to another. That's why we offer flexible options to continue further improvements on projects and services – long after our initial project is complete. Talk to us about our improvements offerings today.


Our transport stories

More to explore


Cross Yarra Partnership

SAGE is the tunnel and building management control system designer and integrator for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project, the largest public transport infrastructure project ever undertaken in Victoria.


Monash freeway upgrade

SAGE delivered the longest stretch of continuous managed motorway ever completed in a single ITS project, reducing traffic congestion during commissioning and allowing the switch-on of lane use management and variable speed limit signs 4.5 weeks early.


O-Bahn tunnel systems

The O-Bahn city access project involved the latest C-ITS innovations, incorporating bus collision avoidance, unauthorised vehicle detection, priority signalling and real-time travel data collection in one essential tunnel system.