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Concept design and collaboration

SAGE’s integrated design, engineering and manufacturing services support the growth of your project and business.

Clients often come to us with an innovative solution for their industry, but they may not be sure how to put it all together. Working with SAGE brings extensive manufacturing and design experience to your project, allowing you to consult extensively throughout and find the perfect solution. We have a full spectrum of support services to ensure a finished design that turns your vision into reality.


As your partner in innovation, SAGE can help you to navigate the research and development phase of a new product.

Working with us ensures the feasibility and scope of your design, identifying any gaps and maximising opportunities. Our extensive experience across multiple industries means you can tap into a huge knowledge base, putting you on the front foot.

We encourage you to take an active part in the development of a concept design, seeking your input at every stage to turn your idea into a commercially viable product.

Drawing Product Design

With SAGE as your partner, you can:

  • Get help researching and developing your product

  • Refine an existing concept or design

  • Leverage our elite supply chain network

  • Reduce lead times on product development

  • Manufacture to scale, allowing you to grow your business

  • Access asset lifecycle support for your finished project.


Why choose SAGE?

Choosing SAGE as your development and manufacturing partner provides access to the best thinking and the latest Industry 4.0 initiatives. We become an extension of your business, delivering support throughout development and beyond while reducing time to market.

Draw on our project expertise for assistance with:

  • Research and development

  • Concept design and refinement

  • Component engineering and production

  • Manufacturing scalability for volume builds

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Full asset lifecycle support.


Design and manufacturing for smart recycling 

SAGE Automation collaborated with Container Deposit Systems (CDS), Nukon and students from the University of South Australia to design and manufacture Semi Auto Return Terminals to improve the recycling process across Australia. SAGE worked with CDS and partners to develop a highly sought-after product, and manufacture to scale when demand increased. 


Delivering solutions from the ground up

As an early adopter of new technologies, SAGE Automation has always been able to help you deliver projects that are cost-effective, high quality and scalable.

Our manufacturing facility incorporates the best thinking and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

By investing in this space and improving our own processes, SAGE delivers efficiency, reliability and certainty to our clients, so you are in the best position possible to grow your project. 

From the initial idea, we believe in collaborative projects that leverage your passion and knowledge while utilising the latest technologies and expertise at SAGE.

When you have an idea you want to take to market, we consult with you to begin defining a scope of works.

  • Design and development support is readily accessible to minimise risk
  • Explore early concept designs through digital representations
  • Access to a team of more than 150 engineering and manufacturing specialists
  • Full end-to-end service available that can be tailored to your specific project
  • Manufacturing and electrical installation work completed to Australian Standards, ensuring full compliance.

SAGE's diverse industry experience ensures we find the most innovative solutions for your project.

Our extensive manufacturing capability ensures the best outcome, from the initial idea through to the manufacture of spare parts.

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