SAGE Automation , 1 August 2019 (8 min read)

As the implementation of industry 4.0 technologies becomes a reality for more and more manufacturers, the full potential benefits these advancements have for the defence supply chain have yet to be realised.

Peter Thompson , 25 July 2019 (8 min read)

‘Perfect production’ with zero breakdowns, zero defects and zero accidents may seem like a dream. But the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) approach is bringing manufacturers closer to making this a reality.

Ashby Martin , 29 May 2019 (6 min read)

The biggest challenge faced by local government when implementing smart city initiatives is understanding the strategy to drive actions to practical benefits.

SAGE Automation , 7 May 2019 (2 min read)

Councils are increasingly seeking out smarter asset management methods that improve resource allocation and ultimately public services.

Paul Moore , 11 April 2019 (4 min read)

The World Economic Forum (WEF) last month placed Australia 43rd out of 115 advanced economies ready to transition to renewable energy.

SAGE Automation , 28 March 2019 (3 min read)

Nowadays our electricity bills, bank statements, and even government systems like Medicare are becoming paperless. It seems everyone is pushing for a paperless world, and the benefits extend far beyond the positive environmental impact, especially for industrial companies…

SAGE Automation , 14 March 2019 (8 min read)

For more than thirty years, companies have widely adopted a Lean manufacturing mindset to continuously improve their operations. Now with the merger of digital and physical systems as part of the Industry 4.0 transition, businesses can use both ideas concepts to take operational excellence to a new level.

SAGE Automation , 7 March 2019 (10 min read)

While some are still reading about the value of industry 4.0, other industrial operators are already taking advantage of new technologies that are reducing their risk of extended downtime through fast response, support and prevention.

Ashby Martin , 28 February 2019 (5 min read)

Smart Cities has a wide range of definitions across the industry with lots of promises being made on technology that can achieve ambitious outcomes. At SAGE we have a simple and concise vision on what Smart Cities is:

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