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Enhanced visibility and analytics

SAGE CMMS provides a platform for the remote configuration and management of IoT devices and connected Addinsight applications via highly customisable dashboards, designed for ease of use.

Integrating CMMS in your operation provides the ultimate user-friendly solution for remote monitoring, diagnostics, software configuration, device firmware updates, and data interrogation.

SAGE CMMS — making hard decisions easier

Complex data made easy 

Built for all users
The system uses industry-standard software to provide a user-friendly browser-based interface capable of being customised to meet any requirements.

Decision-making backed by data
See what’s happening across the entire operation or dive deeper into one critical element with unparalleled visibility, informing smarter decision-making backed by high-quality data. 


See the full picture 

Real-time information
Monitor your assets in real-time, learning precisely when and where inefficiencies are hindering operations and enabling predictive maintenance strategies.  

SAGE Edge integration
SAGE Edge is an IoT capture device that interfaces with a wide variety of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and IoT field devices, reaching its full potential when combined with CMMS.


With a CMMS you get:

  • A web-based solution, meaning no software installation required.
  • Customisable dashboards via a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). 
  • Data visualisation via comprehensive graphs and summaries. 
  • SMS and email alarms to notify operators when issues arise.
  • Interactive map display and searchable device drop-down for easy device location.
  • Built on a solid, unified architecture and proven industrial-grade security technology.

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