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Automation of utility assets

Why you need the best automation solutions

The reliable delivery of utilities, such as water, electricity and gas, is vital to sustaining our population, particularly those in remote communities. But with Australia having some of the toughest environments in the world, securing reliable delivery means careful around-the-clock monitoring and management that can only be achieved through automation solutions.

In recent years, SAGE has emerged as an experienced and valued supplier to the Australian utilities industry. Our delivery model and specialist team support projects in the water, gas and electricity fields with innovative system integration and technology

Utility facility and asset management

What we can do for you

Utility organisations have an increasing need to remotely manage and monitor facilities, particularly those in isolated locations. Many of these facilities are decades old, and may have only undergone minor upgrades over their lifetimes. SAGE can provide major upgrades to these facilities, supplying end-to-end monitoring, control and safety automation solutions to ensure system reliability.

We can also supply innovative fit-for-purpose solutions to any challenge, no matter how big.

With extensive experience across the utilities sector, we’ll always deliver an exceptional outcome.


Living in the driest inhabited continent on earth, precise management of our precious water commodity is essential. SAGE is a key supplier of control and automation technology solutions to the water sector in all corners of the country, having delivered more than 300 diverse solutions across Australia, including the integration of water control systems to multi-million-dollar infrastructure assets, and cutover into live operational SCADA networks.

Using our full value chain, SAGE delivers certainty in the control, security and management of water infrastructure assets and processes.

Energy and Renewables

SAGE Automation has been working in innovative energy solutions for some time, and over the years we have cultivated a deep understanding of power generation, alarm management and system reliability.

From panel build and verification to substation capacity systems, SAGE can help you monitor and manage your energy needs. 

Find out more on our Energy Solutions page.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your utility needs

We understand the utilities sector

With extensive experience in the utilities sector, we have an intricate working knowledge of utility operations, sector-specific environmental and safety regulations, and the demands of remote sites. We also have resource management strategies in place to ensure optimal project outcomes in remote areas.
SAGE is tri-certified with international certifying body DQS for Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management Systems, complying with ISO9001:2000, AS3000 (Electrical), ISO14001 (Environmental) and AS4801 (OH&S).

Why SAGE is the best choice for your utlitity needs

We deliver the best thinking

With a national resource pool of over 250 control and automation specialists, we have access to a wealth of ideas and experience from a variety of sectors, including infrastructure and resources. This means you always get the best possible solution.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your utility needs

We have a proven track record

Having delivered many hundred diverse utility projects across Australia, we have a strong track record in delivering secure, fit-for-purpose solutions in a wide range of locations.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your utility needs

We deliver certainty

We know you need safe, secure, reliable solutions, and that is exactly what we provide. To date, no type-1 disasters have occurred on any of our projects, due to our rigorous standards and project management, and our careful due diligence.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your utility needs

We will be there when you need us - guaranteed

When things go wrong, you need to be back up and running as quickly as possible. We offer a fast, 24/7 emergency breakdown service, and a commitment that we won’t leave the site until the problem is fixed, so you can be confident your operations will be back online in the shortest possible time.

Utilities capabilities

Water capabilities

  • Catchment and storage
  • Water treatment
  • Water transfer and delivery

Energy and renewable capabilities

  • Capabilities

Industry Engagement

Leading-edge member of The Water Industry Alliance
Member of the SA Water SCADA panel
Preferred supplier of SCADA and Telemetry engineering services for Logan City Council, QLD
Approved integrator for City West Water
Member of The Australian Water Association

Schneider Electric Preferred Master Alliance Partner - Water and Wastewater


Fady Boumouglbay, Contract Delivery Manager, SA Water

“This was an important project to support our water network into the future and SAGE Automation has delivered a SCADA system which enables greater monitoring and control flexibility capability.”

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