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Industrial energy management systems

Future-forward energy management solutions

Providing a comprehensive suite of services to industrial operators, we're seeing a growing demand for operational productivity and smarter energy solutions. 

In a move towards a reliable, affordable and carbon-free energy network, SAGE helps high energy consumers and grid operators to achieve a reliable, cost-efficient energy mix through smart energy management systems. 

Improving our energy networking systems with smart control and communicative data technologies gives consumers control of their energy needs and costs. 

Industrial energy management systems

Enabling the energy transition

With population growth comes an increased demand for power. Together with the change in the energy mix sees increased demand on the network, and on the bottom line for businesses.

Smart energy management moves, generates and stores electricity more efficiently, affordably and sustainably. SAGE is proud to be investing in the future and enabling the transition. 


Now and into the future

SAGE Automation has extensive experience working with clients to deliver energy automation and control systems that are tailored to the location and goals of the project. We are committed to enhancing the performance of energy assets for clients, ensuring sustainable and reliable energy supply. 

We bring the best thinking to future energy projects, including new and expanding fields such as hydrogen and pumped hydro. 


How we do it

SAGE's energy solutions include Industrial behind-the-meter energy systems — Microgrids — Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS) and off-grid energy — Transmission and distribution services — Automated demand response — Smart grid solutions — Data analytics and optimisation — Remote asset operations. 

Working with our clients, we develop innovative solutions that allow for projects to mature and advance while minimising risk. Our complete project management offering extends to include analytics, training, remote support and servicing, specific to the needs of the energy market. 

Energy solutions

We provide total energy management solutions for a broad range of applications for electricity and energy demand monitoring.

SAGE design and seamlessly deliver control systems for major off-grid, isolated grid and microgrid projects, including solar and battery control system integration.

SAGE has proven experience designing and delivering power systems, including hybrid diesel and solar power systems and battery control integration.

We deliver key services and solutions to the energy sector, including automated demand response, data analytics and operational support.

Consumer-owned behind-the-metre energy resources

Giving businesses ownership over their energy needs

We integrate smart control systems and external datasets to optimise on-site energy usage through services such as autonomous peak lopping and tariff optimisation.

Utility and grid-based energy resources

Enabling a more efficient, reliable grid

We integrate smart control systems and external datasets for market operators and utilities. We enhance the performance of energy assets for clients, ensuring sustainable and reliable energy supply. 

End-to-end energy project delivery

Creating a digitised and carbon-free future

End-to-end project design, engineering, commissioning, testing, manufacture and service for energy solutions, protecting business and consumer needs. 


Siemens Solution Partner

In an Australian first, SAGE has partnered with Siemens to offer integration services to support the delivery of their world leading SICAM Microgrid control technologies. As a Solution Partner, SAGE possess comprehensive systems and solutions know-how based on Siemens Substation Automation and Protection products designed for the following applications:

  • Energy automation
  • Load shedding
  • Peak shaving
  • Blackout detection, islanding, grid synchronisation
  • Reserve management
  • Generator balancing
  • Energy import/export scheduling
  • Energy cost and CO2 saving calculations
  • Tariff monitoring and optimisation
  • Generation and load forecasting

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Snowy Hydro Angaston control system upgrade endures compliance, faster fault finding

The Angaston plant's control systems recently underwent an upgrade. SAGE Automation was engaged by Snowy Hydro to deliver a new system design and to expand the functionality of the control system.


Substation Automation System brings solar energy to Defence bases

Two solar farms were installed adjacent to defence sites in the Northern Territory. SAGE was contracted to augment the defence HV networks and control systems to support the solar farms.


Smart solar control and monitoring for a zero cost energy future: phase 1

SAGE Automation provided a complete behind the meter solar grid connection and power plant controller, along with the manufacture of a main switchboard for SA Water to provide end customer benefits of reduced costs.

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