Industrial energy management systems

Smart Energy Solutions

In a move towards a reliable, affordable and carbon free energy network, SAGE helps high energy consumers and grid operators achieve a reliable, cost efficient energy mix through smart energy management systems.

This involves improving our energy networking systems by providing smart control and communicative data technologies to give consumers and grid operators control of their energy needs and costs.

Industrial energy management systems

Enabling the energy transition

As population grows, demand for power is increasing. This, paired with the change in energy mix is putting increased demand on the network, and businesses' bottom line.

Smart energy management is about moving, generating and storing electricity more efficiently, affordably and sustainably for the grid, and for individual operators. And SAGE is proud to be investing in this future.

Smart Energy Management Solutions

How we do it

SAGE’s Smart Energy Management Solutions cater for two primary groups:

1) Consumer owned behind-the-metre energy resources
2) Utility and grid-based resources

 Our energy solutions include: 

End-to-end energy project delivery, microgrids, distributed energy resources, smart grid services, energy efficiency, and data analytics & optimisation. 

These solutions enable businesses and network operators to reliably transition to a multi-directional power network that incorporates renewables and other generation methods.

Consumer-owned behind-the-metre energy resources

Giving businesses ownership over their energy needs

We integrate smart control systems and external datasets to optimise on-site energy usage through services such as autonomous peak lopping and tariff optimisation.

Utility and grid-based energy resources

Enabling a more efficient, reliable grid

We integrate smart control systems and external datasets for market operators and utilities. Services such as asset investment deferral, voltage services and SWER line support allow market operators and utilities to increase throughput and meet demand.

End-to-end energy project delivery

Creating a digitised and carbon free future

End to end project design, engineering, commissioning, testing, manufacture and service for customer based energy solutions that can be independent from the grid.

Distributed energy resources (DER)

Securing our future energy reliability through the new energy mix

We design and deliver DER solutions from standard, well-established and supported control platforms.

DER systems provide dispatchable energy close to the point-of-use, via any combination of diesel generation, storage facilities, and distributed generation methods such as renewable technologies.

Microgrid services

Protecting business and utility energy needs

We design and deliver true microgrid systems from standard, well-established and supported control platforms.

Microgrids are a special type of DER that can operate on and off the grid.

Smart grid services

Adding the smarts to better manage the grid

Our smart grid services are about optimising grid operations with technology. We provide data integration, telemetry and smart control solutions to enable increased throughput and provide a higher level of power reliability.

Energy efficiency and improvement programs

Helping companies improve their energy consumption

This includes current state assessment or energy audit, energy improvement program, power factor correction, harmonics, power distribution infrastructure, turnkey project delivery, ongoing 24/7 Support. 

Data analytics and optimisation

Enhancing our energy supply through open data insights 

Effective energy management relies on having accurate data at the right time. We provide accurate, reliable and powerful data analytics to grid operators and businesses to optimise their energy management. 

This includes services such as OT-IT convergence, predictive analytics, machine learning and data aggregation.

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