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SAGE Group's combined capability provided a unified digital transformation approach to deliver an end-to-end electrical and connected data analytics solution.


Enterprise utility company




Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) Low Voltage (LV) Protection and Central Management System (CMS)



Michael Petulla, SAGE Group

"We're thrilled to be supporting our client’s ambitious and impactful environmental objectives through SAGE Group’s collaborative digital transformation capabilities in this exciting ongoing partnership."


To meet the rising demand and implementation of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand, an enterprise utility company sought a local partner.

This initiative aimed to address challenges associated with depending on global supply chain partners and the lack of asset monitoring capabilities in existing solutions. The primary goal was to enable scalability and prompt deployment of their delivery program across both countries.

Existing solutions lacked a modular approach to accommodate demand fluctuations and supply chain constraints, and they lacked the ability to centrally monitor their EV Charging assets.

Recognising the significance of brand reputation and the necessity to lead in the nationwide deployment of EV chargers, the utility company aimed to collaborate with a partner capable of accelerating and expanding the production of EV Charging assets, whilst also providing the ability to provide a centralised asset monitoring system with real-time visibility of asset performance.


SAGE Group companies, SAGE Automation and Nukon are providing a unified approach to digital transformation for the client, delivering an end-to-end electrical and connected data analytics solution.

SAGE Automation designed and manufactured the Low Voltage (LV) distribution and control panels that reside between the Main Switch Board (MSB) and the EVC stations to provide protection and monitoring to the on-site charging units.

One of the LV distribution and control panels on-site at SAGE's Advanced Manufacturing Facility.

Nukon integrated performance data and the status of the EVCs into a cloud-based system for real-time monitoring of the assets. The solution provides a scalable and ready-to-deploy system, enabling the utility provider to accelerate their rollout and maximise asset reliability.

In this ongoing partnership, SAGE Group’s unified digitisation approach is enabling a strong collaborative relationship whereby new applications, features, and use cases can be integrated seamlessly and the solution evolves in line with the client’s needs.


SAGE Group’s ongoing delivery of LV distribution and control panels for these specialised assets continue to be delivered on time and on specification. The integrated cloud monitoring platform now enables the client’s stakeholders to be notified in real-time of status and alarms while allowing the remote reset of panels when required.

The availability of real time data for power usage, peak charge times and utilisation is improving decision-making at an operational level while the data is also being leveraged to drive improved customer experiences.

Harnessing the capability of the SAGE National Operations Centre – a dedicated facility with enhanced physical and cyber protection measures and remote, control system support capabilities – SAGE Group is additionally providing 24/7 technical support for the client.



  • 24/7 Global – Visibility and support

  • Safety – Electric Safety and Protection System

  • Real-time – Real-time monitoring of the EVC Assets

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