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Merging operational excellence with the best public experience, SAGE JOURNi offers an integrated, tailor-made suite of scalable smart cities solutions.

Ideal for public transport network operators and local councils, with SAGE JOURNi, you can combine and scale solutions as required to bolster your data management and analysis capabilities for proactive management techniques.

3D Bus Stop v2

Seven scalable solutions. One SAGE JOURNi.

SAGE JOURNi is made up of seven scalable solutions, consisting of SAGE Edge, digital screens, CCTV, help points, audio, waste monitoring, and active lighting.

Every solution within SAGE JOURNi supports organic data collection, helping to create an ecosystem of continuous data generation that supports data-driven decision-making.

Start simple and scale, with solutions that complement one another and integrate seamlessly into the community.

Your SAGE JOURNi starts where you need it most.

Your journey is not restricted by project size and evolves alongside your unique digital transformation, meaning that your SAGE JOURNi starts where you need it most. 

  • Create a digital connection between stations and stops.
  • Enhance safety and security in public transport networks and the surrounding community.
  • Build a connected community and prepare for future mobility by embracing IoT technology.
  • Enjoy an ecosystem of valuable data to deliver better end-to-end service and develop the ultimate user experience.

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