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What is SAGE Edge?

SAGE Edge wins ITS Australia National 2020 'Smart Transport Infrastructure' Award! 

Award Winner Sage

SAGE Edge is a universal IoT data capture device that offers many different capabilities deployed in one device. The SAGE Edge device can be used for multiple applications including SMART City data collection, transport travel time data, tourism pedestrian data and general IoT data management.

SAGE Edge is used by local government, road authorities and tourism operators, drawing on real-time data to provide exceptional outcomes for local businesses and the wider community.


It is a non-invasive technology that collects data and integrates with external data sources, reducing field sensor requirements and costs. With built-in iBeacon messaging, it can generate messages to passing apps.

SAGE Edge is compliant with the Australian Communications and Media Authority regulations and proudly displays the Regulatory Compliance Mark.

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A low power industrial IoT communications gateway, SAGE Edge is capable of detecting Wi-Fi and undiscoverable Bluetooth devices that cannot be detected by traditional Bluetooth scanners.




Designed to monitor real-time changes in device activity, SAGE Edge is industry-leading technology that can be coupled with additional devices or data sources to deliver valuable insight and asset management.


Reliable, maintainable and expandable

SAGE Edge is built upon a modular, scalable architecture that allows agile product development to leverage emerging detection technologies.

It has the capacity to be connected to digital I/O, cameras and environmental measurement sensor devices as well as the capability of communicating data to enable data processing and reporting on web-dashboards.




WATCH: We introduce SAGE Edge and showcase how the device is changing the way transport and smart cities clients use data to improve community and transport network user experiences.


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