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SAGE delivered a smart cities solution for a manufacturing client to enable remote fire detection and suppression to enhance safety and prevent damage on-site.


Smart cities: construction


Advanced fire detection, integrated fire alarm and suppression systems, automatic shutdown of plant systems, remote management, control, and alarming solution delivered for manufacturing client.


IoT, remote monitoring, SCADA systems, communications systems, remote and local alarming




In industrial environments where high power and high-temperature heavy equipment is in frequent use, there is a risk of ignition.

Even in the case of a small fire, a fast response is required to ensure the safety of workers and to prevent damage on-site.

A manufacturing client was looking for a solution to maximise plant safety and personnel safety in the event of a fire, which had previously occurred at their sites when equipment was left unattended overnight. 

Therefore, remote monitoring was a critical requirement, as was a solution that would ensure fast response times and autonomous fire suppression and personnel alerts.  

SAGE was engaged to deliver a smart cities solution for remote fire detection and suppression.


The remote fire detection and suppression system featured two key components:

  1. Triple infrared HD cameras
  2. Remote monitoring and alerts via CMMS

Triple infrared HD cameras

An advanced FlameSpec-IR3 camera integrates three infrared cameras and one CCTV camera into a single unit to allow detection of fire flame and flame by-products that may not be visible using traditional optical/thermal equipment.


The camera itself is IP 68 rated for outdoor use and is IECEx rated, boasting a flame and explosion-proof housing, and is rated for continuous operation in temperatures between -55°C and 75°C.

Upon detecting a fire, the camera will trigger the onsite fire detection systems and send out an alert over our integrated Centralised Monitoring and Management System (CMMS).

The camera will detect explosions and eruptions within 40 milliseconds and will recognise even small fires from a distance of 70 meters within 4 seconds.

A wide coverage angle allows for fewer cameras to monitor large areas, saving hardware and installation costs.

Remote monitoring and alerts via CMMS

SAGE’s CMMS is a web-based platform providing monitoring and management of the fire detection and suppression system, allowing for remote access to the system from anywhere, including live camera feeds, and even on mobile devices.


When a fire is detected by the camera or existing onsite detection systems such as smoke alarms, the CMMS will generate alerts to configured personnel via both email and SMS alerts. 


The system can be configured to automatically shut down plant systems and trigger suppression systems.

System benefits

➢ Advanced fire detection technology

➢ Integrated fire alarm and suppression systems

➢ Automatic shutdown of plant systems

➢ Remote management, control, and alarming


The client has a fully operational remote monitoring system via a connected CCTV and CMMS system, enabling the fast detection and suppression of explosions, eruptions, and fires to maximise safety, reduce damage and repair costs, and increase response time.

The integrated CMMS system has provided the client with real-time visibility across the entirety of the plant, autonomously taking necessary actions to avoid or reduce incidents and instantly alert relevant personell.

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