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SAGE Automation , 9 December 2022 (3 min read)

In 2020, within the Greater Adelaide region, 31% of fatal crashes were at intersections, according to the Statistical Summary of Road Crashes and Casualties.

SAGE Automation , 18 November 2022 (10 min read)

The transport industry has been awash with talk of next-generation technologies that are making their way into major transport projects. These solutions provide an answer to some of the industry’s greatest challenges such as congestion management, safer transport systems, and sustainability goals.

SAGE Automation , 2 October 2020 (5 min read)

The global pivot to Work From Anywhere (WFA) in response to COVID-19 restrictions has thrust cyber security to the top of the agenda with unforeseen speed. As more employees connect via home and public networks, companies have been forced to share the responsibility of managing security risks.

Ashby Martin , 29 May 2019 (7 min read)

The biggest challenge faced by local government when implementing smart city initiatives is understanding the strategy to drive actions to practical benefits.

SAGE Automation , 14 March 2019 (8 min read)

For more than thirty years, companies have widely adopted a Lean manufacturing mindset to continuously improve their operations. Now with the merger of digital and physical systems as part of the Industry 4.0 transition, businesses can use both ideas concepts to take operational excellence to a new level.

SAGE Automation , 7 March 2019 (11 min read)

While some are still reading about the value of industry 4.0, other industrial operators are already taking advantage of new technologies that are reducing their risk of extended downtime through fast response, support and prevention.

SAGE Automation , 14 February 2019 (9 min read)

It sounds like a sci-fi movie plot: your doppelgänger lives in another dimension and behaves exactly like you, but learns faster and can access more information. It’s the ‘test dummy’ that tries everything first, so you can make all the right decisions to lead a perfect life.

Alan Ford , 13 December 2018 (13 min read)

Talk about the Internet of things (IoT), and its ability to bring unparalleled efficiencies to all industries is intensifying.

SAGE Automation , 29 November 2018 (5 min read)

Australia’s peak business group leaders have recently stepped up their encouragement of companies to embrace automation, as statistics show the nation is trailing other advanced economies on the road towards Industry 4.0.

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