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SAGE delivered the ITS for the T2T managed motorway under the T2T Alliance. SAGE first and foremost focused on safety in design and maintenance, delivering a number of innovations that ensured it was operatable and maintainable.
How can a portable VMS sign reduce traffic congestion and provide the public with real-time travel information...?
Delivering the ITS and control systems in the tunnel was no small undertaking. With more than 12 systems in the tunnel alone, and over 25 contractors and suppliers, the skill and cooperativeness required to deliver on time to standard, was undeniable.
How we delivered the longest stretch of continuous managed motorway ever completed in a single Intelligent Transport System (ITS) project in Victoria.
SAGE and Addinsight are providing  road authorities with  unparalleled traffic insights and data...
The existing control system for the lane usage signs on Sydney Harbour Bridge needed a safety critical upgrade and SAGE was engaged... 

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