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How can a portable VMS sign reduce traffic congestion and provide the public with real-time travel information...?
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An energy efficient and transportable full-colour VMS that can be rapidly and temporarily deployed to manage traffic congestion and provide public with real-time travel information.


Addinsight traffic intelligence data, low power satellite communications, solar powered full colour trailer-mounted graphical Variable Message Sign (VMS).

Adelaide, South Australia

Joanne Murray, Manager Strategic Projects, DPTI

"The project demonstrated the unique method and benefits of displaying real time Addinsight travel information and remote monitoring via satellite tracking enabled by SAGE integration and ITS expertise.”


Typical trailer signs provide basic messages to road users such as ‘Expect delays’ with little information on real time traffic conditions.

DPTI, through the Future Mobility Lab Fund sought a value-add solution to help reduce congestion by informing road users in a safe and effective manner.

It aimed to connect the Addinsight to a trailer-mounted graphical Variable Message Sign (VMS) that was also satellite, GPS and 3G enabled.

This would allow remote monitoring and control of the VMS display and give road users automatic real-time travel information to better inform their route and reduce congestion. 


SAGE designed, developed and proved the technology, in a live prototype trial. This involved integrating the Addinsight traffic intelligence data, low power satellite communications and a solar powered full colour VMS into one neat, trailer-housed solution.

The trailer was trialled on a major road where route decision-making is critical, and community feedback was positive. Collaboration with DPTI was critical to the project’s success.

graphical VMS addinsight

Addinsight enabled VMS road map


A new Intelligent Transport System technology - the first of its kind for the industry - has been developed and proven. The transportable VMS can be deployed at a moment’s notice with minimal set up, and gives road authorities more traffic management capability through the Addinsight system and satellite communication.

SAGE is receiving interest from a number of road authorities, and the solution is now ready to be deployed.

Live data in Addinsight server shows identical travel times

Features and benefits

  • Remote or temporary traffic management solution - Transportable, solar powered, 3G, satellite and GPS enabled
  • Intelligent - Knows where it is once it’s switched-on, talks with central traffic control

  • Zero fuss set up - Automatically displays traffic data and map based on its location with minimal configuration

  • Trackable - Satellite tracking of location, orientation, and status when network is unavailable

  • Low cost - Solar powered and low-bandwidth satellite communication reduces run cost

Road user benefits

Regular commuters stand to benefit from more transparency of live road conditions, whether it be for a temporary event, road works or unexpected delays on their regular route.

Drivers can make informed decisions of the best route to take, which in turn, alleviates congestion for major roads.

community benefits from Addinsight

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