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SAGE Go app provides fast-tracked breakdown recovery and better maintenance management 

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Book a technician - fast

Seamlessly book a technician site visit or schedule maintenance or shift coverage for a later date.



Access service information

Access historical service information to enrich the knowledge of your assets and fast track fault finding.


Access billing and invoicing

View real-time billing and invoice history for reporting.



Provide feedback

Provide feedback directly to SAGE on every support case. 



Smart phone connection

Connect with a technician via smart phone for live video and on-screen drawing to facilitate fault identification.



Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring of your operation's data to provide trending and preventative failure notice. 

Smarter support 

Bringing industry 4.0 to the industrial sector

The SAGE Go's sophisticated suite of support platforms are bringing the industrial sector into industry 4.0 with increased mobile connectivity, live asset performance monitoring and improved downtime response tools. 

The suite of platforms include: 



  • Request 24/7 emergency breakdown support, book in equipment maintenance, or access important documentation – all within the app.
  • Connect via smart phone and we’ll see what you see and provide immediate remote support


Remote Support Module (RSM)

  • A portable VPN that provides easy, secure access to your systems – with no configuration required to your existing network.  

National Operations Centre

  • Remote monitoring of your operation’s data to provide trending and preventative failure notice.



SAGE Service

Industrial automation and control service since 2005 

SAGE was founded from a simple philosophy - the delivery and support of industrial automation and control system solutions, could be done better. 

SAGE's 24/7 Service offering has helped industrial businesses resolve control system breakdowns since 2005. In 2017, our fleet of 50 service technicians attended more than 4,000 client calls around the country to minimise downtime. 

The SAGE Go app, National Operations Centre and real-time remote visual support tool are our latest offering to service clients faster and better than ever before.

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"Unplanned downtime costs process businesses an average of $50,000 per hour, so every minute counts when it comes to resolving a fault.

The SAGE GO App and virtual support tool facilitates an even faster return to up-time through remote trouble shooting and gives clients instant access to our national team of service technicians."

Deon McHatton
National Service Manager, SAGE Automation

Deon McHatton

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