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Smart cities: A real life case study for improved asset management

SAGE Automation, (3 min read)

Councils are increasingly seeking out smarter asset management methods that improve resource allocation and ultimately public services.

As part of the Smart Cities movement, IoT connected devices and data analysis is enabling councils to move from reactive to predictive resource management. If you'd like to know how, read our blog on the topic: Smart cities: moving from reactive to predictive resource management
 But what does this look like in practice?
SAGE Automation's Senior Systems Engineer and resident smart cities expert Ashby Martin explains how the City of Marion is using smart sensors in playgrounds to better plan future parks and maintain current park equipment.
The project ultimately aims to allow for a better public experience through understanding how people use council assets.
Hear it first hand from Ashby in the video:



Video Transcript:


"I'm here in Jervois Street park in City of Marion where we have a number of these devices installed.


SAGE was brought in to help the City of Marion answer questions about which equipment is the most popular, what times are they being used, and how does the weather affect the usage, on a per equipment basis?


The City of Marion has over 160 parks, it needs to demonstrate appropriate use of public funding and with these devices they can use data to make well informed decisions around how future parks are being planned and maintained.


These devices were a 2 minute installation and required no other gateways or side infrastructure to operate, and Marion can see the results live on a web dashboard.


We hope that in the future this sees a reduction in public liability, to see an improved public experience by alerting the council when the usage drops off, to indicate that they might be a fault with the equipment.


These are just a few of the smart city applications that we're excited to be deploying in our local area."


If you'd like to learn more from Ashby or about SAGE's Smart Cities offering, please don't hesitate to contact us via the form below.


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