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SAGE and Addinsight are providing road authorities with unparalleled traffic insights and data...

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SAGE Automation’s connective data solutions together with Addinsight, are giving road authorities unparalleled traffic insights


Connective data, network and power solutions, productisation of connective technology, advanced manufacturing, data analytics portal, intelligent transport systems (ITS) integration. 


Nationwide, Australia

James Cox, DIT Addinsight Principal Engineer, Traffic Management
Centre Development Team.

“SAGE Automation have been able to take our high-level integration ideas and bring them to reality. I have no hesitation in recommending them for integrating products on the Addinsight platform."

About Addinsight: the future of smart motorways

Addinsight is a feature-rich suite of applications that collect and analyse movement data, providing continuous reporting of changes across the transport network as they happen. Addinsight caters for a diverse range of end-users with differing needs. From incident detection within traffic management centres to open data reporting for the public.

Addinsight provides real-time road traffic analysis using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other IoT sensor technology and connected analytics software. Whether it’s real-time travel alerts for road users or visualising travel data for informed future planning, Addinsight offers authorities the potential to transform the road experience.

The Addinsight platform was initially developed through the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) to provide traffic intelligence. Acquired by SAGE Group in 2021, Addinsight is used by every road authority across Australia and throughout a number of locations in New Zealand, with growing international interest.

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Challenge & Solution

In order for Addinsight to work on a road network, transport authorities require sophisticated connective IoT hardware devices that receive and transmit data back into the system. These devices need to be installed across pre-existing roadside infrastructure and communication channels.

This is where SAGE and the SAGE Edge device come in. SAGE Edge is a universal IoT data capture device that offers many different capabilities deployed in one device. The SAGE Edge device can be used for multiple applications including transport travel time data, as well as smart cities data collection, tourism pedestrian data and general IoT data management.

SAGE engineers, manufactures and integrates SAGE Edge across a wide range of Addinsight projects.

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Outcomes to-date

Long-term partnership: SAGE has been innovating connective data solutions for Addinsight since its first development.

Nation-wide rollout: SAGE continues to supply components required for the nationwide uptake of Addinsight and is ready to respond to expected international demand.

Product development: SAGE has developed numerous product variations such as 4G and WiFi comms, solar Bluetooth capture solutions and a School Crossings System for greater safety around schools.

Web portal interface: SAGE’s Web Portal Interface processes and displays SAGE Edge traffic data specific for each client, giving them greater ability to plan for specific projects.

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“SAGE’s professionalism and ITS experience has enabled the devices to be integrated seamlessly into our ITS network. SAGE’s engineering and manufacturing capability has enabled the product development to include products like 4G comms, PoE, solar powered and static sign versions,” – James Cox, DIT.

Project snapshot: Real-time travel signage reduces peak holiday congestion

Real-time travel VMS
South Australia’s road authority (DIT), wanted to address the annual congestion experienced on Port Wakefield Road – the main highway to one of the state’s most popular holiday regions. With Easter long weekend fast approaching, SAGE was tasked with delivering a solution.
In this case, the solution was a series of SAGE Edge capture stations and real-time travel signs that would allow motorists to choose alternate routes based on real-time travel alerts.
The road experienced considerably less congestion than in previous years, and the new signage attracted positive road user feedback and media coverage.
“I was particularly impressed with SAGE’s efforts to deliver the Port Wakefield Rd travel time signs against extremely tight time frames and I believe we have achieved 100 per cent up-time since they were installed,” Mr Cox said.

Project snapshot: Web Portal provides route trending data for civil works

Real-time travel data for smart motorway

A major part of civil construction projects is in scheduling construction around peak traffic periods to minimise the impact on road users.

To address this requirement, SAGE’s Web Portal gave the Logan Expressway project team, route trending information derived from Addinsight. Data included travel time in real-time, upper limit travel time and baseline travel time. The trend data helped the project team minimise traffic congestion during work through planning and real-time analysis.

“SAGE deployed SAGE Edge for travel time management within a construction zone for the Logan Expressway Project. SAGE used the SAGE Edge APIs to extract the raw travel time data to enable the project team to understand the key project routes’ congestion issues through a web portal, ” Mr Cox said.

Edge Flyer

Designed to monitor real-time changes in device activity, SAGE Edge is an industry-leading technology that can be coupled with additional devices or data sources to deliver valuable insight and asset management.

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