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SAGE Automation , 3 January 2019 (6 min read)


We recap the top five most-read blog articles of 2018. The variation in topics shows we've got a diverse group of clients and readers, and their interests reflect a shift in the industrial sector towards industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT), while remaining committed to plant maintenance and reliability.  

SAGE Automation , 13 September 2018 (11 min read)

Recent cost reductions in solar technologies and a changing energy landscape has seen a wave of industrial businesses install industrial solar pv systems to slash their electricity bills.

SAGE Automation , 6 September 2018 (9 min read)

In Australia, distributed energy resources (DER) are predicted to take over as the main type of energy supply, but what are they? And how can they impact industrial businesses’ bottom line?

Paul Moore , 16 August 2018 (13 min read)

Cutting through the energy industry hyperbole is more important now than ever. Australia’s electricity market is undergoing political scrutiny as the government’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG) is debated.

Paul Moore , 27 July 2018 (7 min read)



Australia’s energy market -- the network of poles and wires that supply Australia with electricity -- is undergoing massive disruption and volatility. 

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