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SAGE delivered a cloud-managed, solar-powered school crossing for a council to monitor vehicle speed and gain data to enhance road and pedestrian safety.

SAGE delivered an innovative smart traffic light system for McMahon Services to enable efficient, safe, and cost-effective traffic management.

SAGE delivered a smart cities solution for a manufacturing client to enable remote fire detection and suppression to enhance safety and prevent damage on-site.

City of Marion recently worked with SAGE to implement a smart cities solution for Oaklands Smart Precinct, with a focus on liveability and sustainability. 

SAGE delivered a smart cities solution to continually monitor visitor movement within two Victorian botanic garden locations using passive detection.

SAGE developed a dynamic school zone sign for the City of Charles Sturt, which provides a response based on vehicle speed, pedestrian presence and time of day.

A local regional council planned a large IoT project which will deliver region-wide coverage of a LoRaWAN network to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. The flexible solution will include a smart dashboard to provide insight into uptake and usage. 

SAGE Automation has delivered a solution to remotely monitor surface temperatures of a tarmac, using telemetry solutions with temperature probes. Data from the sensors can help determine the lifespan of the road's surface. 

SAGE Automation led a major smart city project in a busy retail precinct, combining people-focused designs with industry-first solutions. See how this major project came together, and the exciting technologies being used. 

Adelaide Airport's taxi rank system needed improving. SAGE Automation delivered a Variable Message Sign to display expected wait times and to call specific taxis to the rank based on type.

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