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SAGE Automation has delivered a solution to remotely monitor surface temperatures of a tarmac, using telemetry solutions with temperature probes. Data from the sensors can help determine the lifespan of the road's surface. 


Transport: Smart Cities


SAGE Automation enables remote monitoring of surface treatment temperatures using telemetry devices. Data collected can be analysed and used for asset management, including determining the most suitable surface option.  


LTE-CAT M1 telemetry devices, remote monitoring, data analysis, SAGE Smart Cities platform


South Australia

Director Melbourne Airport

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SAGE Automation was engaged by a client to provide telemetry devices to measure surface temperatures as part of a study of treatments designed to increase the reflectivity of the surface. 
Reducing the surface temperature of the road can help to:
  • Increase pavement life
  • Reduce ambient temperatures for the comfort of personnel and commuters
  • Reduce the energy required to cool adjacent buildings.

Project capability

Temperatures of the tarmac were remotely monitored at four different depths of up to 200mm, across two test locations, to gain enough data for analysis in support of the new surface treatments. 
The telemetry device utilises LTE-CAT M1 to report the temperature data back to the SAGE Smart Cities platform for analysis.
Tarmac-temperature-monitoring-dashboard SAGE's Smart Cities platform enables the client to review temperature data at a glance. 


The results from the temperature probes are correlated against local measurements of wind, ambient temperature, cloud cover and rainfall.

This data enables researchers to quantify the benefits of the new surface treatments and determine the most suitable option.

Road surface temperature detection sensors


Project highlights

  • Remote monitoring of tarmac temperatures
  • Long-life battery-powered LTE-CAT M1 telemetry devices utilised
  • Temperatures detected at 10 different locations, using probes placed at depths of up to 200mm
  • SAGE Smart Cities platform enables data analysis and storage for easy reference by clients. 

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