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Deon McHatton , 31 August 2017 (5 min read)

Having spare parts on hand is a crucial aspect of manufacturing maintenance, as every plant needs to carry a certain amount of spares to be able to recover in the event of a failure. 

SAGE Automation , 29 August 2017 (8 min read)

It’s widely agreed that equipment criticality ratings (ECR), also sometimes known as machine criticality ratings (MCR), are an important part of designing and setting manufacturing maintenance priorities.


Bruno Valenta , 18 August 2017 (7 min read)

Equipment failure costs businesses millions of dollars annually, and can even have consequences on the future of the business, as plant operators can be so busy trying to repair equipment and get it back up and running that they miss opportunities for improvements that help future-proof production.

SAGE Automation , 2 August 2017 (4 min read)


The lightning fast rate at which we embrace new technology has made items such as mobile phones and laptops almost disposable. Yet, when it comes to manufacturing maintenance, most plant operations are faced with the challenge of maintaining aging equipment.


Admin , 31 July 2017 (2 min read)

SAGE's original equipment manufacturing service includes full research and development, design and manufacture as well as the ongoing supply of kits, spare parts and whole of life support for the control of products.

Deon McHatton , 5 July 2016 (3 min read)

For manufacturing plants, managing secure, safe manufacturing processes - where downtime is limited and breakdowns are resolved as quickly as a Formula 1 pit stop - is the aim of any operation.

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