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3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Partner with Specialist Engineers

Deon McHatton, (3 min read)

For manufacturing plants, managing secure, safe manufacturing processes - where downtime is limited and breakdowns are resolved as quickly as a Formula 1 pit stop - is the aim of any operation.

So if you could conceive of a world where you had access to the country’s very best engineering specialists and technology solutions, why would you ever need to build dedicated in-house capability?


Here's why partnering with specialist engineers is the best way to prevent breakdowns and downtime at your manufacturing plant. 

1. Industry expertise

Technology advancements develop more quickly than our ability to keep up. This means that the chance of resolving failure becomes ever more reliant on expertise that is up to the minute.


That's why the best way to avoid any surprise failures is by employing engineers who have extensive experience in planning preventative programs, and can report the health of the plant machinery back to you at any time.


For you, the benefit is peace of mind - knowing that, for your manufacturing operation, you've taken every possible step to rule out risks to staff health and the environment. This will also give reassurance investors, employees, and the wider community.


2. The latest technology

By partnering with specialist engineers at your manufacturing plant, you know that the latest technologies and procedures are being applied at your facility. 


This means that emergency failures aren't a threat - because the latest measurement instrumentation, software and reporting procedures are being used to alert you when you need to react. 


3. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee expertise for implementing revisions to safety protocol as well as training for technicians and other organisational personnel.


Additionally, SLAs provide a network of specialist engineers who are targeted on rapid response. These engineers understand the importance of business continuity and in many cases they will have working knowledge not only of the machinery, but the plant personnel and even the customer requirements of the client.


In some cases, service providers build collaborative networks that share technical expertise and knowledge with partners within the community. Clients like BP Castrol, Orica and Bega adopt comprehensive SLAs from SAGE Automation to safeguard their operations form downtime risk.


When a machine stops, it can quickly escalate to calling in external help – sometimes unnecessarily. The Breakdown Checklist is designed to get you back online faster. It will get your team thinking about what caused the breakdown and assess the need for external advice. Download the free downtime checklist here.


Get the checklist!


SAGE Automation delivers agile, scalable and secure solutions that don’t just solve current problems, they pre-empt and deter future ones, helping your organisation thrive. With years of experience working in defence, infrastructure, resources, utilities and manufacturing we have the expertise you need to custom-build or perform manufacturing maintenance on your equipment for maximum ROI.

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