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Lean lift ensures efficient parts handling

SAGE Automation, (1 min read)

At SAGE we are continually seeking out better ways to deliver efficiency for our customers. We identified an opportunity to transform the way parts are stored and retrieved in our manufacturing facility and the lean lift was developed.

The lean lift is an automated storage facility that tracks the movement of parts throughout the manufacturing process. The system is designed for both physical and operational efficiency with vertical storage capacity at heights that were not possible with a traditional forklift and racking system.



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A digital catalogue enables a live view of stock levels with access to minimum numbers and supplier details. Parts can be booked out using an e-commerce shopping cart system. Items can be quickly found via search filters and delivered to team members via a batch picking system which ultimately leads to time and cost gains for customers.


The lean lift is the latest in SAGE’s long history of early technology adoption to ensure prompt delivery timelines for our clients and an efficient workplace for our manufacturing team. 


The lean lift operates alongside other Industry 4.0 initiatives including digital twin technology.


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