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SAGE designed and engineered a bespoke control system that autonomously manages energy generation, conversion, and allocation for solar and grid-derived energy, connecting a range of new solar systems and maximising operational efficiency.
SAGE Automation provided a complete behind the meter solar grid connection and power plant controller, along with the manufacture of a main switchboard for SA Water to provide end customer benefits of reduced costs.

Two solar farms are being installed adjacent to defence sites in the Northern Territory. SAGE was contracted to augment the defence HV networks and control systems to support the solar farms.

SAGE delivered a control system upgrade that eliminated all single points of failure for Snowy Hydro's Angaston plant and enabled faster fault finding. 

When a client's SCADA system failed, SAGE created a Virtual Machine to recover and commission the system from over two thousand kilometres away.

25 remote communities powered by the sun. Each community’s Energy Management System provides the monitoring and control needed to deliver a reliable, consistent solar-hybrid electricity supply.

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