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When a client's SCADA system failed, SAGE created a Virtual Machine to recover and commission the system from over two thousand kilometres away.


Energy: Bio-Refinery


SAGE remote and online support following breakdown event. Commissioning and support of client SCADA system on a new Virtual Machine. 


SCADA, PLC, RTU, remote communication, National Operations Centre, 24-7 service, rapid end-to-end project delivery.


Queensland, Australia

Director Melbourne Airport

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Bio-refineries work to convert sorghum into ethanol, producing cleaner burning fuel for Australians by blending ethanol with petrol.

In this process, leftover sorghum husk is then turned into high grade distiller’s grain and syrup or animal feed known as Dry Cake (DDG) and Wet Cake (WDG).

This process creates a waste/recycling opportunity for the company.

In September 2019, the onsite SCADA system for a regional bio-refinery failed. The SCADA system controls millions of litres of fuel, and is critical to the daily operation of the plant.


From almost 2,000 kilometres away, at the Tonsley National Operations Centre (NOC), SAGE’s NOC Support Engineers built a new Virtual Machine to recover, commission and run the client’s WinCC SCADA system.

The technicians copied over the new Virtual Machine to the SAGE Queensland office, and the SCADA system was up and running within 24 hours. SAGE technicians were able to access the client’s system and get it up and running through SAGE’s Remote Service Module, or RSM. The RSM was pivotal in the upgrading and commissioning of the client’s SCADA system.


Following this success, the regional client engaged the NOC team for an additional Virtual Machine, with project delivery including WinCC programming and onsite commissioning assistance.

SAGE continue to provide assistance for the client, with regular follow-up service calls as a part of SAGE’s service offering.

SCADA system supported by Remote Support Module



  • Client was up and running within 24 hours
  • Remote service enabled rapid project delivery
  • Fault-finding and solution implemented by National Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Remote Service Module enabled rapid upgrade and commissioning of SCADA system
  • Seamless handover from the National Operations Centre team to state service team.
  • Remote support and creation of new Virtual Machine running WinCC SCADA system


Technology Used

  • SAGE Remote Service Module (RSM)
  • WinCC SCADA system
  • National Operations Centre
  • Recovery, build and testing of a new Virtual Machine

Technology Used

  • SAGE Remote Service Module (RSM)
  • WinCC SCADA system
  • Recovery, build and testing of a new Virtual Machine

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