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Rail solutions and SAGE

SAGE has been working in the rail industry for 15 years, working with the likes of Pacific National, Great Southern Rail, Yarra Trams and CYP Design & Construction Joint Venture on the Victorian Metro Tunnel Project. 

We deliver end-to-end rail projects across freight, passenger rolling stock, PMCS tunnel control systems integration, light rail, safety and yard maintenance,  and improving the passenger experience. 

Recently we were awarded as the tunnel and building management control systems integrator for the Melbourne Metro Cross Yarra Partnership. 

We are focused on improving the passenger experience through our passenger kiosks and information systems. 


  • We deliver rail control systems and networks, tunnel systems and metro station solutions.
  • As a system integrator, our rail control systems solutions have produced significant outcomes in the rail sector around safety systems, rolling stock and OMCS.
  • As a leader in smart cities, we provide transport authorities with information kiosks, real-time travel data, wayfinding and passenger movement analytics to enable better decision making. 



Your rail system integration partner 

Working for clients such as Metro Trains Melbourne, Yarra Trams, Pacific National, Great Southern Rail and state transport authorities SAGE’s rail control system projects have delivered significant outcomes. 

SAGE works with you to deliver end-to-end system integration for rail infrastructure projects.  

What we provide

  • Operations Management Control Systems (OMCS)
  • Process Management Control Systems (PMCS)
  • System integration
  • Rolling stock and rail yards control systems
  • Passenger control systems and safety systems
  • Inline fuelling control systems
  • Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

  • Rolling stock maintenance safety access systems
  • Risk mitigation planning and management
  • Australian Safety Standard AS4024.1
  • Safety user requirements specification
  • Onboard diagnostics and time series data

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SAGE designs, installs, integrates and delivers the systems that are essential for safe, maintainable tunnel systems for rail environments.



What we provide

  • Operations Management Controls System (OMCS)
  • Plant Management Control System (PMCS)
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Control system audits 
  • HAZOP, CHAZOP and SIL studies
  • Advanced ventilation plant monitoring and diagnostics
  • Linear heat detection
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Air quality
  • Deluge control
  • Power management via power distribution & monitoring system
  • Video incident detection
  • Access monitoring
  • Fan vibration monitoring and electrical monitoring
  • Control and switchboard panel manufacture
  • High level communication
  • Redundant networking
  • LED lighting control systems
  • Main fire panels
  • HVAC 


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Passenger transit and information solutions 

We adopt human-centred design to deliver solutions that give passengers the right information at the right time. 

Our kiosk and wayfinding solutions are designed with accessibility, usability and convenience at top of mind. Meanwhile our passenger counting, analytics and dashboard solutions provide transport authorities with the right data to make smarter decisions. 

What we provide

  • Passenger information systems and displays
  • Wayfinding solutions
  • Data trending dashboards and analysis
  • Information kiosks
  • Matilda - Smart Transit Hubs
  • Accessibility-focused, interactive solution design
  • Multi platform integration
  • Pedestrian counting and movement
  • Artificial intelligence and interactive solutions including: IBM Watson and KinTrans sign-language avatar
  • Passenger safety systems including: assistance point intercom, 24/7 CCTV, LED lighting
  • Environmental and sustainable solar powered solution
  • Remote operations and 24/7 maintenance support
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Rail Solutions


Dry Creek railcar control systems

This rail car depot safety system was designed to enable safe operation and maintenance for the metro fleet. The end-to-end solution included design, engineering, control panel build, installation, testing and commissioning.


Craigieburn train maintenance facility

Working for VicRoads in conjunction with Metro Trains, SAGE provided the essential safety systems for the Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility (CTMF), a key project for the Victorian Government in providing increased train frequency and reliability to the public.


Rolling stock On-Board Diagnostics

This On-Board Diagnostics Solution (OBD) provided Metro Trains with real-time operating and diagnostic information for critical rolling stock systems.

SAGE, along with Nomad Digital, provided the Failure mode, Effects and Criticality analysis (FMECA), Australian Standard compliance, risk assessment and failure mode for the system.


Obahn tunnel systems

SAGE delivered the essential tunnel systems required for the O-bahn, including fire-life safety, ventilation, deluge pumping, and power monitoring systems with careful consideration for reducing whole-of-life costs.


Cross Yarra Partnership

SAGE is the tunnel and building management control system designer and integrator for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project. It is the largest public transport infrastructure project ever undertaken in Victoria.

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Human centred design for accessible future

SAGE built and designed Matilda, a Smart Transit Hub that made her debut in a world first trial with an autonomous vehicle.

Accessibility features include KinTrans sign-language avatar, sound loops, wheel chair ramp, 24/7 security monitoring, help point, and intelligent voice assistant powered by IBM Watson.


Smart passenger information displays

SAGE Automation successfully delivered the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) scope of the Northern Beaches B-Line project.

This included a network of smart bus stops with multiple ITS devices including fixed passenger information displays, help points and CCTV monitoring.


People movement data improves customer experience

Real-time visitor movement data is providing a major wine region with greater understanding of visitor numbers, peak times and movement to improve its tourism landscape and visitor economy. 

SAGE engineered the solution from technology originally used to monitor road traffic.

Other rail services

  • System integration with any 3rd party technology
  • AS61508-based Safety Systems design
  • Operational compliance auditing
  • HAZOP, CHAZOP and SIL studies
  • Rail Safety Awareness ready
  • Passenger movement and analysis
  • Wayfinding and information kiosks
  • Ventilation and safety systems
  • Design, engineering, Factory Acceptance Testing, Site Acceptance Testing, commissioning, operator training, project management
  • Verification, including Independent Verification role
  • Asset protection
  • OMCS SCADA with live display of facility equipment
  • Work order data logging and tracking
  • 24/7 operate and maintenance support

Why us?

As a technology integrator with expertise in passenger information systems, SAGE is the rail industry’s partner towards  bettering the passenger experience through technology and human-centered design.

  • National footprint, multi industry large team
  • Established quality and engineering process


  • 24/7 service teams available nationally – largest in Australia
  • Highly experienced in design and managing risk
  • Future forward technology innovators
  • Agnostic technology integrator for any hardware and software

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