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Autonomous Vehicles and SAGE

In a true move towards smarter cities, SAGE Automation delivers and develops technologies that are making integrated, smart and accessible transport systems of the

This involves future-proofing our road networks with the best Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and communicative data technologies of today,and preparing for the onset of future technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

SAGE works with industry, research and government to plan, trial and integrate technologies required for the uptake
of autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies, where SAGE is creating transport systems that have the potential to increase independence for aged care and disability groups.

SAGE has partnered with numerous autonomous vehicle suppliers to deliver the operations component of their trials from the National Operations Centre based in Tonsley, South Australia. 

With a foothold in both the technologies as well as the operations of the trials, SAGE is able to bring all systems and stakeholders together, delivering a cohesive outcome.


SAGE is involved in the following autonomous vehicle trials:

> Holdfast Bay Olli trial with Local Motors * complete

> Flinders University FLEX on-road trial with Navya

> Playford on-road trial with EasyMile

> Renmark on-road trial with EasyMile

> Tonsley Innovation Precinct trial with Aurrigo


Holdfast Bay Olli and Matilda Trial

Now concluded, the Holdfast Bay trial successfully brought a driverless vehicle experience to the public using the Olli shuttle from Local Motors.

Stemming from our expertise in intelligent transport, SAGE has developed the Matilda.

Employed for the first time in this trial, Matilda is a world-first Smart Transit Hub that integrates with driverless vehicles to provide a seamless transport service.


Flinders University Navya FLEX trial

In a 'first mile — last mile' public transport trial used on public roads, Flinders University has partnered with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, RAA and several industry project supporters including SAGE to provide a driverless shuttle at Flinders University’s Tonsley and Bedford Park campuses.

The trial is currently operating between the nearby Clovelly Park Train Station and Tonsley’s Main Assembly Building (MAB), then connections to bus stops on South Road and businesses within the Tonsley Innovation District.  

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Playford EasyMile Trial

A joint project between the City of Playford, French autonomous vehicle manufacturer EasyMile, intelligent transportation system specialist SAGE Automation and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) will see an autonomous shuttle bus carrying passengers from the Munno Para Railway Station to the Playford Alive Township and facilities.

The trial was supported by the South Australian Government’s Future Mobility Lab Fund, which aims to encourage and stimulate developments in connected and autonomous vehicles, and position South Australia at the forefront of these emerging technologies.



Renmark EasyMile Trial

The two-year project will be the first regional trial in South Australia and will provide first and last mile connecting services that will link up the various elements of the community and also provide mobility for the elderly and tourists.

The route will connect the areas of the Renmark CBD including the riverfront, the Renmark Club, aged care villages, swimming pool, library and the shopping precinct. The trial will also complement existing regional bus and local transport services. Future phases of the project will also connect the other areas of Renmark based on community needs.

SAGE will manage operations of the trial for the 2-year duration from the National Operations Centre. 

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Tonsley Aurrigo Trial

Trialled in pedestrianised areas, the compact fleet of pods are used around the Tonsley Innovation Precinct on demand for their passengers. 
The pods have already demonstrated a high level of acceptance of driverless technology by passengers and continue to be a valuable mode of transportation between various Tonsley locations including TAFE SA, Flinders University and SAGE Group Headquarters. 

24/7 real-time monitoring for AVs

As part of SAGE’s 24/7 service coverage, we have established a National Operations Centre (NOC) to provide operational and maintenance support, emergency response, security monitoring, and assist in managing incident resolution. Located at SAGE’s Head Office in Tonsley, Adelaide, the facility will initially provide call receipt and technical support during normal working hours, with coverage extended to 24/7 over a 12 month period, expected to be complete during 2019.


The NOC is well aligned to support AV trial operation, with access to remote monitoring and diagnostics feeding back from the Matilda stops, providing:

  • Live video and SIP intercom connections from CCTV and assistance points
  • Monitoring of Matilda system status – power, charging, access alarms
  • Monitoring of trial-related data – ridership, user feedback, usage patterns
  • Oversight of AV booking and scheduling management

In its multifunction role, the NOC is also the monitoring centre for SAGE’s service and maintenance support, as well as serving a number of other SAGE operations, allowing its running costs to be amortised over multiple projects.

  • Ensures support is readily accessible and issue resolutions are provided
  • 24/7 call centre – log a Support Request anytime / anywhere
  • Access via phone call or SAGE GO app, your choice
  • Access engineering expertise (>150 Australian automation engineers)
  • Remote diagnostics capability including video enabled support
  • Security and status monitoring
  •  Access to resourcing scheduling data base
  • Well-defined escalation process

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