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Industrial machine safety compliance


When you need complete confidence in the safety of your machinery and electrical products, call SAGE.

Too often we come across businesses that don’t comply with Australian safety standards, putting employees and assets at risk.

As an accredited business, our safety-certified engineers have the expertise to conduct a full audit of your plant and provide a report listing what’s  required to achieve full compliance. Our expertise is so trusted that we are regularly employed by State SafeWorks departments to perform assessments on machinery.

Our service includes:

  • Stop Time Testing of electro-sensitive protective equipment, such as light curtains, safety mats or laser scanners
Business continuity: SAGE identifies and prevents potential crises before they happen

Business Continuity

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. SAGE can help you identify and prevent such potential crises before they happen, ensuring no lost production and giving you absolute peace of mind.

What we provide

  • Network audits:
    • Regularly capture and diagnose communication
  • Control system back-ups:
    • Is your plant covered in the event of hardware failure? While spare parts can easily be replaced, the loss of software programming and coding can incur significantly more downtime. Don't take the risk!
  • Shift coverage:
    • When you need to bolster your workforce during time-critical projects, or when your staff are attending training or taking leave, our skilled and experienced technicians will fit in seamlessly to ensure there is no disruption to production.
  • Non-critical fault rectification:
    • If you have a backlog of jobs that your time-poor engineering and maintenance staff haven't been able to get to, we are happy to lend a hand, before they do become critical.
  • Thermographic imaging:
    • We'll identify any hotspots in your switchboards, control boards and distribution boards, helping you reduce your insurance costs.
  • Recommended critical spare parts management:
    • We'll create a spreadsheet and document current critical spare parts on site and advise you on recommendations for stock requirements.

Network auditing services include:

  • Performing audits on a variety of protocols, including Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet and SafetyBus

  • Understanding your network to PLC mapping configuration

  •  Identifying any cable degradation

  • Optimising your network running speed

  • Pinpointing your network traffic loading

  • Providing detailed reports

Control systems back-up services include:

  • Providing back-ups for all PLCs, HMIs, drives and communication networks

  • Imaging of SCADA and MES solutions

  • Off-site storage of your back-ups for extra security

Shift coverage services include:

  • Our ‘best person for the job’ policy: we’ll always select the technician, usually with prior knowledge of your site, or experience within your industry

  • Training of and knowledge transfer to existing employees

  • On-site process improvements

  • Additional engineering support and consulting


Instrument Calibration

Regular instrument calibration is vital for ensuring product quality, preventing breakdowns and complying with industry regulations.

At SAGE, our control system support technicians won’t just perform the calibrations which meet National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) traceable standards. We ensure the instrument works properly within the ecosystem of your plant, all the way back to the operator interface, so your plant is back up and running in the shortest possible time.

Our service includes:

  • Completing Job Safety and Environmental Analyses (JSEAs)
  • Optimising the performance of your instrumentation
  • Improving your control of:
    • Level
    • Pressure
    • Flow
    • Temperature
    • Analytical readings
  • Detailed documentatin:
    • In the event of a future breakdown, this ensures the required information is on hand, so spare parts are identified quickly and costly downtime is minimised
  • Document verification and a calibration certificate:
    • To meet your ISO9001

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