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Instrument calibration is ensuring traceability and consistency in every bottle for Coopers Brewery.

Manufacturing: Food and Beverage

The instrument calibration service ensures traceability and consistency of Coopers' beer.

Providing instrument calibration to NATA traceable standards for a wide range instrumentation equipment. Optimising the performance of instrumentation to improve your control of: level, flow, temperature, pressure, analytical readings.

South Australia

David Tanner, Maintenance Manager, Coopers 

"Accurate instrumentation function gives us certainty in producing a consistent quality product, helps us identify equipment stress points before they result in costly downtime and ensures we meet NATA traceable standards.”


Passionate family owned brewer Coopers operates in a market rich with global manufacturing giants.

The company stakes its brand reputation and it’s proud family name on a promise of premium quality products, and have been successfully doing so for more than 150 years.

In order to continue achieving quality and consistency in its beer, sound plant maintenence practices are a must.


SAGE provides Coopers with instrumentation calibration service.

Precise instrumentation function is a critical factor in achieving compliance to industry regulations, reducing product variations and giveaways, and supports manufacturers in meeting production goals.

Challenges Section

Instrument calibration services

SAGE provides far more than a standard calibration service.

Testing your whole system, rather than just the field device, ensures your equipment will be operating at its optimal level. SAGE can provide calibrations to NATA traceable standards for a wide range instrumentation equipment and optimise the performance of your instrumentation to improve your control of:

  • Level

  • Flow

  • Temperature

  • Pressure

  • Analytical readings

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