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Microgrid energy solutions

Australia is seeing a transformation in the way energy is delivered, and the demand for affordable, reliable energy supply has never been higher.  

The energy industry is seeing a rise in popularity for microgrid energy solutions which meet the unique needs of the consumer, whether they be a remote community searching for a dependable supply or a work site that wants to reduce operating costs.

Optimising the delivery and management of a microgrid requires smart control systems that integrate energy sources, energy storage, energy distribution systems and energy consumers.  

SAGE work with major energy providers to reduce expenditure on infrastructure, particularly across remote and regional areas of Australia. With our help, clients can modernise their energy assets and deliver greater flexibility to energy supply. 


Microgrid control systems

SAGE design and seamlessly deliver control systems for major microgrid projects, ensuring sophisticated controls for advanced monitoring and stabilisation of energy storage and supply to consumers.

With the growth of the renewable energy sector, SAGE supports the integration of energy sources for multiple types of energy technologies, including solar PV, wind, battery storage and diesel generation. Our solutions have helped to deliver reliable power for remote communities, mining sites and embedded networkers in metropolitan areas. 


Keeping the power on with flexible systems

SAGE ensure microgrid technology can mature and advance as necessary, minimising disruptions to service and increasing uptime.  

The energy needs of regional and remote communities have led to a change in the way they are powered. Through implementation of microgrids that can operate on or off the grid, remote communities are gaining more reliable power from both traditional and renewable energy sources.  

 SAGE are the missing link in microgrid deployment — providing critical master system integration and advanced control solutions. 

Our microgrid solutions

  • Seamless integration of multiple energy sources
  • Dispatching stable fossil fuel generation and/or battery storage
  • Solar and battery control system integration
  • Flexible and scalable systems
  • Energy storage and load management systems
  • Post-project support, including remote support and 24-7 service for critical energy systems

Optimised integrated microgrid solution

Watch SAGE Automation’s Principal Engineer for Energy, Samantha Kali demonstrate how an optimised integrated microgrid solution has provided benefits for decreased energy consumption costs and improved system reliability.

HubSpot Video

Isolated grid solutions

Isolated grids are modelled specifically to meet the location’s unique energy requirements, ensuring cost-effectiveness and a reliable energy supply. SAGE gives consideration to maximising the levels of renewable power and energy usage in order to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and their associated costs.

Categories of isolated grids include:

  • Stand-alone power systems (SAPS)
  • Islanded microgrids
  • Off-grid energy systems
  • Hybrid energy systems
  • Mini grids.

SAGE has a long and proud history of delivering the engineering services necessary to provide Australia’s remote communities with reliable and affordable power, enabling opportunities and prospects for Australians that otherwise would not have them.

Isolated-grid-Daly-RiverSAGE delivered the automation and control needed for the Daly River remote 'solar-diesel hybrid’ stand-alone power stations. This involved delivering remote control, monitoring and load management capability of different generation assets such as solar, diesel and battery storage.

SAGE’s engineering team draws on more than 15 years of experience in these types of projects to come up with highly standardised control system and switchboard designs. The result delivers our customers repeatability, ease of maintenance and operation, and interoperability with various genset brands.

Learn more about our isolated grid experience

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