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Introducing the World's Smartest Transit Hub...


Matilda is your link to new smart technologies. Gone are the days when time was wasted by waiting for on-time and delayed public transport. Using a mix of smart innovations, Matilda improves comfort on and around public transport which encourages ridership. 

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Answering the first mile last mile problem

 First-Last Mile Trip V2-1


Matilda becomes the host when there is no human reassurance. From Matilda you can source the connecting tram timetable, book an Uber, locate the nearest bicycle hire station, or schedule a ride on an autonomous shuttle. Because of this, Matilda is much more than a shelter that provides safety and comfort during your transit, she is your connection to smart mobility. 

Matilda is built to be relocatable within a few hours, runs on solar or battery power and is fully self-contained. Now, road authorities can trial different ‘first' or 'last mile’ locations, or put additional transport in place for major public events. 

Matilda connects people to the world of Smart transit and makes it fun!

Today’s autonomous and connected vehicles need connected bus stops and transit hubs to deliver a SEAMLESS, tailored passenger experience.

That’s why we made Matilda.

Matilda is a portable, connected transit hub that is equipped with the latest smart technologies that offer everyone the equal opportunity of autonomous shuttle transportation. 

Matilda caters for passengers, based on their individual abilities, making each visit unique, easy and fun.

What makes Matilda smart?

She's Connected

 Matilda communicates real-time with passengers, vehicles, fleet management servers, online and city transport systems. Matilda provides transport planners the passenger and traffic data they need to deliver efficient, personalised and safe services in the new world of driverless transport.

What makes Matilda smart?

She's Portable

Matilda can be easily moved and placed almost anywhere,  including locations lacking utility connections. Her rigid structure and platform design accommodate easy transport by forklift or small truck. This gives transit planners greater flexibility when balancing geographic coverage or accommodating the changing needs of developing regions.

What makes Matilda smart?

She's Sustainable

Matilda offers the ability to power herself via rooftop solar panels so there is no need for utility connections. 

Her self-sustaining configuration lowers her operational cost and increases her flexibility of placement, all while positively contributing to the community’s sustainability.

What makes Matilda smart?

She's Engaging

 Matilda’s beautiful design and attention- grabbing technology provide the perfect setting for high visibility advertising and community engagement. 

Matilda’s graffiti-resistant exterior, high- resolution display screens and personified voice assistance technology are great 
media to subsidies costs through advertising, promote local business partners, survey rider experience for transport providers, and educate the community about smart city initiatives.

What makes Matilda smart?

She's Accessible

Matilda’s features facilitate wheelchair users and those with physical, hearing, vision and cognitive impairments via the use of the latest smart technology. She is a great addition to retirement communities and hospitals. 

Transit providers can now invite more community members to enjoy independence and mobility freedom using public transport.

What makes Matilda smart?

She's Safe

Matilda uses her smart technology to provide care, comfort and safety to her guests. She is equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras, handrails, slip resistant flooring, LED lighting and an emergency call button for rapid human assistance in the event of danger or distress. In the new world of Smart Mobility riders can travel with more assurance as transit providers use technology to ensure passenger comfort and safety.

What makes Matilda smart?

She's Configurable

Matilda’s flexible ‘plug and play’ design can be configured according to your preference or budget. 

Let us know what features you need and we can source the technology or integrate your preferred technology partners.

National Operation Centre

National Operations Centre

As governments and companies trial smart transport solutions like Matilda, they will need to monitor their performance.

This is where the National Operations Centre (NOC) comes in. Located at SAGE Automation's national headquarters in South Australia, the NOC provides real-time monitoring of different assets to provide operational and maintenance support, emergency response, security monitoring, and assistance in managing incident resolution. 

We are using the NOC to monitor Matilda, and other trials, to determine their success and improve future offerings.


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