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Industrial-Behind-The-Meter-Energy Systems

Taking control of industrial energy costs 

With more than three million Australian properties fitted with rooftop solar, there’s an increasing push to optimise these renewable energy sources to help meet the demand of the wider community. 

Industrial customers who have made the investment in solar PV or other generation methods can take control of their energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint.


Optimising energy efficiency

Drawing on our extensive experience across renewable and non-renewable energy sources, we design and integrate smart controls of generation assets, energy storage and other enabling technologies. 

SAGE also specialise in the reconfiguration of dispatchable plant loads, such as pumps and chillers, to optimise these for renewable self-consumption or energy tariff structures.  


Behind the meter control systems

SAGE design and deploy sophisticated control systems and external datasets to monitor and manage the delivery of energy from behind the meter systems.

We understand the complexities of technical connection requirements, and our control systems are designed to find the right balance of technical conformance and cost benefit for our customers. 


Energy management solutions

We provide total energy management solutions for a broad range of applications for electricity and energy demand monitoring.

Advanced energy metering infrastructure

Providing consumption data for consumer and utility means greater control and the ability to balance loads. 

SAGE's energy expertise covers a broad range of markets including commercial, industrial, utilities and solar.


Our systems, your solutions

SAGE control systems are open platform-based, ensuring clients own the fully documented code. This ensures:

> Complete visibility and control over your investment

> Control over sub-systems such as BESS, generators and solar farms

> Customers can integrate energy technologies from multiple vendors.

Having years of experience in plant automation, SAGE understands plant operations and we apply this knowledge, along with our energy system integration experience, to deliver the best system design for our industrial customers.

Enabling your business to take control of your energy needs with:

  • Energy arbitrage
  • Tariff optimisation

  • Peak lopping
  • Frequency control ancillary service (FCAS) market participation
  • Demand response
  • Phase balancing
  • Frequency regulation
  • Back-up power supply.
SAGE ensures you have access to a reliable energy supply while minimising your carbon footprint. Speak to us about reducing your industrial energy costs.

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