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Smart Cities and SAGE

Providing the best public experience through data driven resource management and discovery.

Open data and connectivity is what will drive the future smart cities, therefore SAGE has branched out to fill a system integration role to several councils delivering not only consulting, but also applying smart technologies to achieve their Smart City visions.

We harness the latest communication networks and technologies to deliver smart city infrastructure such as sustainable smart parking, smart lighting, park land pedestrian movements, cycle count and deployment of IoT devices.



Public accountability.

Whether publicly funded or not, it’s important that outcomes show that money has been best spent. We believe that a process of data-driven decision making can demonstrate that regardless of the outcome, the choices made were in the interests of the public or stakeholders. SAGE can help to develop dashboards to describe KPIs and trends in real time to show that your organisation is on-track.







Reduce waste.

Identifying, tracking and eliminating waste is a motivation for most of our customers. Reducing waste allows time, energy and funding to be spent on initiatives with better, more public-facing benefits. We do this through optimising resource management and process automation. 



Improving public experiences. 

Providing data to users is only effective if it is clear, functional and considers accessibility from the initial design. We improve public experiences through accessibility, wayfinding, information, and discovery.

SAGE works with digital and design teams to ensure solutions deliver useful information to users while fitting with existing branding, the surroundings, and the environment.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your project

We're outcome-focused

We want to ensure that any initiative we undertake benefits the underlying business. We don’t just install technology for  technology-sake.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your project

We're vendor independent

We work with a wide range of technology providers and use industry-standard interfaces to integrate solutions to fit with your existing business processes.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your project

We have industry expertise

Our experience in tracking KPIs and using IOT devices has trickled down from industrial mining, manufacturing and automotive applications, giving our Smart City customers robust and reliable solutions. Our customers enjoy the benefit of 18 years of understanding the ways that clear and understandable data can improve business decisions.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your project

We have full-service capability

SAGE can provide support over the full lifecycle, from the specification and of user requirements to the long term support and maintenance of installed solutions.
In business-critical applications, a 24/7 support line ensures smooth operation no matter the time of day or night.

Why SAGE is the best choice for your project

We're innovative

At SAGE we demonstrate innovation rather than just talking about it. We’re a leader in adapting new technologies to solve all kinds of problems, partnering with universities to help customers overcome issues with accessibility, mobility, and quality of life, making the world a better place for everyone.

More to explore


McLaren Vale Tourism Data Collection

The McLaren Vale Grape, Wine and Tourism Association needed to provide data to their region around economic and environmental sustainability and had a strong desire to
understand the movements of visitors and tourists in the area.
With their custom-built dashboard, they are able to identify and measure key metrics which best demonstrate vitality in the


The City of Marion, Jervois Street Park

The City of Marion spend a considerable amount of their annual budget on parks and public spaces, but little data on how people interact with these spaces.
SAGE Automation provided the council with real-time  playground usage data, which included per-equipment usage counts, duration and algorithms that combined weather, term dates and day of the week.


Matilda Smart Transit Hub

The applications for Matilda are endless with the capabilities to alter the way that public transport is currently being used.
Currently integrated with autonomous vehicles, Matilda acts as an interactive kiosk to provide valuable information to users including the location and arrival times of various modes of transport, weather forecast, transport ride bookings and various accessibility features including a wheel-chair complaint ramp, avatar sign language, a t-coil loop and cognitive voice assistance.

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