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When COVID-19 reduced access to a client site, SAGE were able to provide secure remote support for international technicians through the Remote Support Module, and continue works.  


Resource management: Liquid waste recycling


Remote visibility to support the development, pre-commissioning and commissioning of PLCs and SCADA terminals for a Darwin liquid waste recycling site.


Remote service, PLC, site instrumentation, hazardous area engineering, remote commissioning.


Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Director Melbourne Airport

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Global Resource Recovery is a liquid waste processing company specialising in solutions for liquid waste treatment, glycol and waste oil processing and recycling.

Repurposing an existing processing facility in East Arm, substantial upgrades and conversions were completed to deliver waste management solutions, including glycol recycling.

The site modifications required the support of international and interstate expertise in the operational commissioning of PLCs and site instrumentation within the hazardous area.


SAGE’s Darwin Service team were engaged to deliver PLC engineering and site instrumentation to enable the site to become operational.

SAGE delivered specialist hazardous area engineering, site-based and remote support for the operational commissioning and ongoing service of site PLCs and SCADA terminals. Six Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) technicians and four service engineers provided on-site support for more than eight months in the development, pre-commissioning and commissioning of systems and instrumentation.


COVID-19 restrictions were navigated through a combination of skeleton on-site support, remote commissioning and the use of a Remote Support Module (RSM) to ensure the required expertise was accessed in compliance with government health requirements. The RSM is a portable VPN that provides secure remote access to the site’s control network.

Remote Support Module
This visibility facilitated remote commissioning, as well as continued maintenance and technical support to the site for both SAGE and Global Resource Recovery staff.

The SAGE RSM allowed remote visibility of the network to interstate and overseas expertise throughout operational commissioning, including specialist chemical engineers from the United States who were unable to witness this in-person as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.


Through the RSM, SAGE was able to provide support for the development, pre-commissioning and commissioning of PLCs and SCADA terminals to prepare the Darwin site for liquid waste recycling.

The SAGE team used a combination of on-site and remote support to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions while maintaining the required national and international specialist expertise.

SAGE service technicians now provide a silver Service Level Agreement for the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the PLCs on the Darwin site.



Remote Support Module

More than just a secure remote connection, SAGE's Remote Support Module connects you with a network of 80+ service technicians and 300 SAGE engineers, all working to solve your problem.

Key benefits:

  • Quickly connects your staff to your assets
  • Industrial-grade hardware and 3G/4G network compatibility
  • Requires no capital outlay, subscription lease options available
  • Delivers immediate downtime support via remote connection.

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