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SAGE Service for Multinet Gas has improved reliability of field assets through regular maintenance and best practice...


SAGE, together with Comdain, services Victoria's primary gas distributor, Multinet Gas.  The partnership has improved reliability of MG’s field assets through regular maintenance and best practice processes.

Electrical and telemetry expertise, full-time technician specialised in gas field operations.



South-east Victoria, Australia

John Carney, Service Delivery Manager, Comdain

"After 4 years of service we’ve been awarded a contract for Multinet Gas’s northern area, and SAGE  Automation’s specialised services have helped make this happen.”


Comdain is a leading construction and maintenance service specialising in gas, irrigation and water. They’re the primary operational and service provider for Victorian gas distributor Multinet Gas (MG), who distributes natural gas to 660,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers. Comdain service MG’s south-eastern distribution network.

Comdain must maintain MG’s 164kms of transmission pressure pipelines and 9,866kms of distribution mains without disturbing customer supply. To do this, the company require specialised skills that can be applied in a natural gas infrastructure environment. Other service challenges include location access, working in confined spaces, working at heights, and traffic control.


SAGE Automation worked with Comdain to develop a custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) suited to the industry and Comdian’s needs.

Under the SLA, SAGE handles all electrical and elemetry work for service, maintenance, and projects such as upgrades, or new site installations.

It appointed a full time technician trained in gas field operations for ongoing works. Finally, SAGE applied its systems and process knowledge built from years of  experience, to improve equipment reliability.

Demonstrated Capabilities

  • Custom SLA for a specialist maintenance provider
  • Hazardous area competence: installation and commission
  • Low/medium voltage electrical design and installation
  • RTU system design and programming
  • Control Panel manufacture/wiring
  • SCADA integration
  • Remote Telemetry
  • FAT and SAT testing
  • RTU install and commission
  • Estimation, cost planning and procurement
  • Risk mitigation and environmental and safety management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Provision of final, as built, documentation and user manuals


SAGE and Comdain’s service has improved reliability of MG’s field assets through regular maintenance and best practice processes. A regular maintenance program for any utility will improve asset lifespan and reduce costs associated with breakdowns.

The ongoing partnership between Comdain and SAGE Automation allows each partner to perform their own specialties to keep systems running.

Comdain focuses on construction and maintenance
services while SAGE does the electrical and
telemetry work.

Gas asset service

Technology used

  • Kingfisher
  • Radio communications
  • 3G communications
  • Instrumentation and calibrations

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