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This controls solution has made it possible to remotely monitor the isolated power station in real time.


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SAGE delivered the control system for the new gas fired Wadeye Power Station. The control system monitors the station in real time, providing local HMI SCADA screens while pushing critical information back to the central monitoring facility in Stuart Park.

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Wadeye, Northern Territory, Australia

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Power and Water Corporation is responsible for the electricity transmission and distribution, and provision of water and sewerage services across the Northern Territory, an area of more than 1.3 million square kilometres.

Power and Water also supplies electricity generation to 72 remote communities. The largest remote indigenous community in the NT, Wadeye, located 230 km south-west of Darwin, is cut off by road due to flooding during the wet season for up to 5 months a year.

For the past 30 years, Wadeye has relied on a diesel powered power station for its electricity. The region experienced a boost in investment in housing and infrastructure, increased electricity demand, and increased diesel costs along with conerns about the introduction of the carbon pricing scheme.

In response to these events, Power and Water Corporation commissioned a new gas fired power station to deliver a reliable and economical power supply to Wadeye.



SAGE Automation was engaged to complete works on the power station by Power and Water Corporation. The companies took a collaborative approach to design the control system which included control panels, PLC panels, communications boards and 8 fan controllers for the power station.


The new control system monitors the power station in real time, providing local HMI SCADA screens while pushing critical information back to their central monitoring facility in Stuart Park.

The power station is serviced by the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline and is expected to save 57,000 tonnes of carbon and reduce diesel fuel consumption by over 2.5 million litres per annum. The power station design incorporates 5 Gas Generators, 4 Feeder Controllers, Remote Radiator and Engine Hall Fans. Gas is supplied by a remote APA Gas Skid.

In the event of a system black out, the system is backed up by a Black Start diesel generator.

It is expected the new power station will be fully commissioned in October 2015.

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