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Melbourne Airport integrated multiple siloed IT and OT systems into a user-friendly interface for a better customer...
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Nukon integrated multiple siloed IT and OT systems into a user-friendly interface for Melbourne Airport. 

Now, airport managers, operators and external providers can visualize potential opportunities or threats that might affect the customer's journey through the airport, and plan and react accordingly.


Airport operators can see moving assets (ground vehicles and aircraft) in real-time; see the status of assets such as check-in counters, baggage carousels, and building services; and explore ‘what if’ scenarios through data and business logic modelling to name a few.

IT and OT integration, 'operational centre' for disparate data systems, real-time data insights for improved operations, platform has scalability and flexibility. 

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vic Raymond, ICT Strategy, Planning and Arcitecture Manager, Melbourne Airport

"The system has established a strong foundation for the continuing integration of information and operational technologies allowing proactive, and in the future, predictive operations, in line with our vision of being a 'smart' airport. A great outcome from all involved". 


Melbourne Airport wanted a view of the entire airport’s operations – from customer arrival and baggage carousels, to ground operations and flight scheduling.

To achieve such a view, multiple siloed systems and data from multiple IT and operational (OT) sources would need integrating. This would provide an intuitive, real-time representation of the current operational situation, using modern technologies and standards. They wanted the system to to represent, trend, and predict all airport events, and resource accurately and automatically in real-time.

This proactive approach to delivering a smarter airport was to be achieved through establishing an Enhanced Airport Coordination Centre (EACC) with whole-of-airport coverage, modelled around the customer journey.


SAGE Automation's sister company, Nukon was engaged to apply Melbourne Airport’s vision.  

Using an agile project delivery model, off-the-shelf software and project accelerators, Nukon developed a solution to deliver a step change in situational awareness capability.

After a 12 week build time, Phase 1 of the digital road map was delivered, The Situation Awareness Platform, which ties together distributed systems in order to provide real-time representation of the current situation at Melbourne Airport.


The Situation Awareness Platform gives operators, planners, managers and external providers real-time information to aid communication, resource planning and identification of incidents which affect the customer journey and quality of service of the Airport.
The platform can provide correlated data in a single web-based, real-time dashboard for operational status, data mining and what-if questions for data science.
Back end integration software adds enterprise-grade interfacing capability to almost any IT or OT system, including automation controllers and telemetry systems...


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About Nukon

Nukon is joint venture between the world of optimisation and automation. Our parent company, SAGE Automation is a leader in the operations market, while Nukon has fast established an outstanding reputation in the manufacturing data, intelligence and improvement area.

With this meeting of minds means we can now bridge the gaps between the different silos within our client businesses, bringing visibility, unity and breakthrough improvements right across our clients' businesses.

Visit us at www.nukon.com.au

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