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A supermarket's processing plant was optimised through a new planning and scheduling framework where raw food...
Manufacturing: Food and Beverage

A supermarket's processing plant was optimised through a new planning and scheduling framework where raw food materials were driven by actual store order demand.


Supply chain optimisation, planning and scheduling system, forecasting, scheduling and traceability software for perishable food environment. 


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Chief Digital Officer

"The Nukon team were handed a challenge task and authority over defining the planning and scheduling system requirements. They rose to the occasion, drawing on their knowledge and experience, to deliver a great working solution with all the functionality I had committed to the board. I am very grateful." 


When a major supermarket chain developed a $150 Million central product processing facility to supply their chain almost 2,500 stores nationally, they appointed Nukon to develop a planning and scheduling framework to support them. 

Due to the highly perishable nature of the product, a robust system was required to ensure orders from stores around the country were met, with minimum raw product wastage and the longest possible shelf life. 


Nukon developed a system where raw materials orders were driven by actual store order demand. 

An accurate, highly reliable system was delivered that covered three core areas: Forecasting, scheduling and traceability. 


  • A solution for forecasting of raw material requirements, combined with the new model in distribution methodology, placing consumer packs directly onto store ready pallets that are transited directly through the distribution centre to store.


  • Store ready pallets are required to meet half hourly delivery windows where they are combined with pallets of other goods to be delivered directly to stores, to agreed and planned, transportation schedules. 
  • Production of the freshest and highest quality product is achieved by integrating the planning and scheduling framework with the shortage and retrieval system, ensuring working stock is run out at timely intervals and cleaning regimes are undertaken as required. 


  • To meet consumer demands, traceability systems were developed and implemented in conjunction with the clients IT team and the processing equipment suppliers. This focused on the use of GS1 standards for ASN's (Advanced Shipping Notices) and SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) labelling systems, ensuring all raw materials are scanned into the processing plant, tracked through the packing process and scanned at various stages of delivery to the store. This function has the additional benefit of monitoring and improving each supplier's performance and traceability capability. 


Some outcomes of the new system include:

  • Optimisation of supply chain increased shelf life for customers by average of 1.5 days
  • No storage requirements with product shipped directly to stores, saving $50 per pallet
  • Achievement of DIFOT goal of 98.5%
  • Full product traceability from farm to consumer...

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Nukon's supply chain optimisation

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Nukon is joint venture between the world of optimisation and automation. Our parent company, SAGE Automation is a leader in the operations market, while Nukon has fast established an outstanding reputation in the manufacturing data, intelligence and improvement area.

With this meeting of minds means we can now bridge the gaps between the different silos within our client businesses, bringing visibility, unity and breakthrough improvements right across our clients' businesses.

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