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A new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) optimises SPC's production processes... 
Manufacturing: Food and Beverage

Nukon developed a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for SPC. The new MES optimised process including: paperless quality, faster fruit classification, fast line changeover, quality auditing system and visibility of material flow. 

SPC now has real time connectivity between their production systems and other business systems 

MES, software integration with business systems, change management.

Ardomona, Victoria, Australia

David Frizzell, Business Process Improvement Manager, SPC Ardmona

"We now have the technology, the tools and the culture to drive productivity and ensure we will continue to deliver the very best value for Australian households and our export markets around the world, well into the future."


SPC has been a staple of Australian households for almost 100 years, providing high quality products including packaged fruit, jams, baked beans and many

Committed to delivering value from its supply chain to consumers, SPC needed insight into performance improvement opportunities to support business decisions.


Nukon developed a Manufacturing Execution System to provide the manufacturing team with real-time data and tools. This empowered them to manage multiple products across 42 processes.

The process improvements this MES offers include: machine utilisation, line changeover and start up, efficient use of cookers, paperless quality system (from 1800 paper checksto 240 paperless checks), crew visibility and flexibility, faster classification of fruit quality as it arrives in the factory, more visibility of material flow, and reduced energy costs.


SPC now enjoys real time connectivity between their production systems and other business systems and is seeing the benefits of even greater quality and efficiency. SPC realised a return on investment which was estimated at $500,000 in the first year.

To realise the full benefit of the new system, it needed to be embraced by our operating team. Nukon worked with us to engage our team in the project,” David Frizzell, SPC Ardmona Business Process Improvement Manager said...

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Nukon process optimisation for SPC

About Nukon

Nukon is joint venture between the world of optimisation and automation. Our parent company, SAGE Automation is a leader in the operations market, while Nukon has fast established an outstanding reputation in the manufacturing data, intelligence and improvement area.

With this meeting of minds, we can now bridge the gaps between the different silos within our client businesses, bringing visibility, unity and breakthrough improvements right across our clients' businesses.


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