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Business optimisation for cheese producer Udder Delights saw reduced manual processes but ensured artisan integrity
Manufacturing: Food and Beverage

Visibility gained through the optimisation project enabled changes in processes to be made. These are expected to cut significant costs in the production of cheese as the company grows. The program resulted in production of a more consistant sized cheese which enabled the company to expand to a larger scale packaging automation system.

Operational performance improvement, successful grant application and fulfilment 

Lobethal, South Australia

Co-owner Saul Sullivan

“Working with SAGE has been eye-opening. Their insight and knowledge to optimize our systems and
processes has completely surpassed our expectation. Their approach to continuous improvement has been well embraced by management and staff – which is testament not only to their intellect but also their interpersonal skills.

We look forward to seeing what our business looks like at the end of this project – where a more systematic and effective operation will take the place of manual processes while ensuring our artisan integrity is not compromised.

A big thank you and well done to SAGE.” 


Udder Delights have been making high quality Blue and White mould Cheese and have established a reputable brand, but were constrained by labour cost increase and capacity challenges as they approached relatively high volumes.


SAGE and Udder Delights were awarded a grant under the Department of State Development BTV Program. The grant focused on the introduction of sustainable systems and tools to improve the operational performance of the business without missing key deliveries.

The SAGE improvement program focused on understanding and improving manufacturing opportunities for businesses like Udder Delights.

SAGE worked with Udder Delights to create a detailed project plan with improvements across the site including milk pasteurisation, material handling,
stock management and improved workspace arrangement for efficiency under a 5S program.


Visibiliity gained through the optimisation project enabled changes in processes to be made. 

A key outcome of the program was the monitoring of milk parameters (Fats and Protein) to produce a more consistent size cheese that will enable Udder Delights to be ready for larger scale packaging automation.

In addition benefits include:a reduction in transport costs and the new pasteurizing process cut significant costs in the production of cheeses as the company grew.

Business optimisation food and beverage

Company profile

Udder Delights was established in the Adelaide Hills town of Lobethal by Trevor Dunford and his late wife Estelle as a goat cheese factory in 1999. Under the expert guidance of their daughter Sheree and her husband Saul Sullivan, their company has grown consistently and now employs over 25 people in the Adelaide Hills town of Lobethal.

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