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SAGE gives graduate engineers the opportunity to develop real world skills

Published: November 15, 2016 - Updated: November 15, 2016

Flinders University hosted their Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Student Expo on Monday, October 31st where four members of the SAGE team discussed the industry projects they are working on.

Daniel Lennon, Juan Laurea, Michael Atkinson and Stephen Keen presented to peers, industry representatives and Flinders University faculty highlighting how their projects developed their skills.

Between 12 and 15 students presented in each category and Stephen was chosen as the winner for the electronics category.

Stephen is a third year engineering student who has spent his placement working at SAGE on the development of hardware for an intelligent traffic systems project AddInsight.

In the electronics category Stephen said there were a number of great industry projects shared from eye-surgery lasers, power plant sub-stations to different levels of chip, solder and component testing.

“I think people enjoyed the way I presented and the project overall,” Stephen said.

“They saw the possibilities of it in the market being very exciting.”

Stephen said he really enjoys how passionate the team at SAGE is, especially after the recent World Intelligent Traffic System conference in Melbourne, the project his team has been working on has increased the number of opportunities for the AddInsight project has grown exponentially.

“The passion of the project really carried through in my presentation,” he said.

“The hardware and circuit board design is really an interesting and leading edge project - you can really see the practical benefits of it. 

"Because of that it is quite a passionate team to work with.”

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