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SAGE delivers state-of-the-art ITS for major South Australian roads

Published: July 11, 2017 - Updated: August 2, 2018

The T2T Project is delivering a number of benefits to the South Australian economy, including jobs creation, improvements in travel times and building lasting infrastructure.It also provides opportunities for the T2T Alliance to partner with local businesses to deliver innovative solutions and employment growth.


SAGE Automation and the T2T Alliance have worked closely together to deliver a state of the art Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for the project, including the first full roll out of digital thermal imaging cameras on a South Australian motorway.


The thermal cameras use infra-red to improve detection of incidents, compared with widely used video technology. This technology is not affected by changing light conditions and therefore provides better images in poor light, such as at night and in fog. The thermal camera trigger more accurate notifications to road operators.


Testing of this technology for the T2T Project is now complete and initial installation is scheduled to commence in August.


Alliance General Manager, Paul Steendyk says, “It’s fantastic to work with a world leading South Australian company designing, manufacturing and installing the complex and highly advanced Intelligent Transport System which will keep road users safe and traffic flowing when the T2T Project is complete.”


In addition to the 72 digital thermal imaging cameras, SAGE Automation’s ITS for the T2T Project includes:

  • 39 closed circuit television cameras
  • 98 in-pavement road loop detectors to provide automatic vehicle detection
  • Five large full colour LED variable message signs to provide instant messages to motorists, such as travel times, incidents, delays or road works
  • 50 Lane User Management Signs to enable remote management of vehicle lanes to control traffic flows
  • 12 Bluetooth devices providing information on traffic volume and travel times for DPTI’s Addinsight app. This app provides road users with real time data on travel times, traffic congestion and provides early information about alternative routes if required
  • Four pairs of vehicle classifiers which provide data on what type of vehicles are using the road and predict wear rates, to proactively plan for maintenance.


SAGE's ITS panel manufacture

One of the ITS control panels SAGE Automation manufactured for the project. 


SAGE Automation has significantly grown its ITS team from four to 18 employees, and has reassigned five existing employees from other areas of the business, to deliver this technology.

The company is crediting the innovation and growth it has achieved through its involvement in the T2T Project with helping it win contracts to develop similar technology interstate and overseas.


“This project has been a significant catalyst for innovation and growth at SAGE Automation,” says Justin Kahl, Regional General Manager, SAGE Automation.


“We are future-proofing the technology on the T2T Project to enable the expansion of communications capability and autonomous vehicle technology for years to come.” 

This article first appeared in the T2T Alliance July 2017 Newsletter

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