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Improving pedestrian safety with smart school zones

Published: July 22, 2020 - Updated: June 10, 2021

SAGE Automation has recently been confirmed as one of 13 recipients of project funding in the first round of the Australian Government’s Road Safety Innovation Fund.

The Road Safety Innovation Fund has been established to support Australian road safety research and the development of new road safety technologies. Fund recipients will receive a share of $2M over the next four years.  


SAGE Automation will use the share of funding for a project involving the testing and evaluation of smart technology for school zones in a number of local government areas.   


SAGE’s ‘smart’ school zone solution is designed to increase driver awareness of the speed limits that are in place around school zones in Australia.  


The project will deliver dynamic school zone signage which provides a message to approaching drivers to reduce their speed if they are approaching too quickly when pedestrians are present.


Utilising key technologies such as the SAGE Edge device and dynamically controlled variable messaging, SAGE will be working in partnership with the University of Adelaide and local governments to deploy the signage as part of a trial.


SAGE Automation develops and delivers technologies for safer, more accessible and integrated transport solutions. The SAGE Edge device is non-invasive technology that can be coupled with additional devices or data sources, such as radars, to deliver insight into usage of public areas. SAGE Edge has already been deployed in a number of different local government projects, including recently providing data to minimise impact during the redesign of King William Road.  


The smart school zone trial will run for 12 months and once complete, it will enable local governments to make data-backed decisions around school zone safety.


Helping to ensure safer roads for both pedestrians and drivers, the project supports the Australian Government's move towards zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.


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