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Australian industry is moving towards renewable energy generation at a rapid pace. But what does this mean across the financial, industrial and public sectors?

If you want to find opportunities to optimise your business’ energy supply to ensure reliability, and a competitive advantage for the future, it’s worth taking a look.

How to use your Microgrid Controller to optimise and achieve maximum value
from your microgrid.

Watch the SAGE team share a range of practical examples of how technology can transform communities and improve operational efficiency.

Prevent costly downtime with our step-by-step SOP guide

In this quick-start guide, we’ll give you the full rundown on:

- What SOPs are

- How to put together a SOP your operator team will actually use

- How to continue to improve the SOP well into the future

Empower your team to make the right choice to keep machines online and reduce downtime.

Our experts at SAGE Automation have developed this checklist which will:
- Get your team thinking about what may have caused the downtime
- Point your team in the right direction to get the machines back online
- Help everyone determine if it’s time for the experts to be called in

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