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Automated Demand Response Meter

Greater control over energy usage

More companies are seeing the benefit of investing in energy management systems to automate their demand response needs.  

SAGE’s extensive proven experience with energy control systems connects high energy consumers with scalable, smart solutions to aggregate energy use during periods of high demand. This offers huge cost-saving opportunities for large energy users, based on pre-determined load shedding strategies.

Energy management control system

What we do

SAGE work with you to improve the management of demand response activities through automation, enabling seamless control of assets.

> Enabling real-time communication to multiple sites through easy-to-navigate interfaces
> Demand response aggregation solutions to meet fluctuations and shifting loads. 


Improving responses to peak events 

Working with large energy consumers, SAGE provide a full consultation service to determine the most effective demand response strategy. 

Implementing SAGE’s automated responses to peak demand events ensures a reliable energy supply with minimal disruption to your business.


Choosing us for demand response management ensures:

  • Seamless control of your assets with easy to use interfaces
  • Secure, real-time communications and monitoring

  • Reduction of peak demand charges through DR aggregation solutions
  • Prompt response to event notifications
  • Full visibility into energy profiles and load shedding strategies.
Speak to us for smart solutions to automate responses to load shifting and peak demand events.

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