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Protecting your customers

High-touch items such as supermarket trolleys, wheelchairs and airport luggage trolleys are frequently relied upon, but they can pose a high risk of germ transfer to staff and customers.

The current cleaning solution for retailers, hospitals and airports is manually disinfecting touchpoints with wipes or spray. Unfortunately, this measure is time consuming, is usually not sufficient to render the equipment germ-free and continued use of disposable wipes is costly, not to mention the environmental impact.

How it works:

  • Grab your trolley and place it though the unit
  • Press the spray button
  • Enjoy a clean shopping experience

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Watch the video and learn how Sanitizit is helping  Barossa Fresh Foodland keep their customers safe whilst lowering their operational costs.

Sanitizit-Designed to suit multiple applications

Sanitizit puts your customers’ safety first

The Sanitizit system disinfects 100% of trolleys, baskets and wheelchairs with a quick-drying sanitising mist. This provides effective cleaning and reduces the fear of germ transmission, building trust and confidence with your employees and customers.

The system is:
  • Fast and mobile
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly

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Designed to suit multiple applications

Sanitizit’s flexible design ensures fast and effective cleaning is available for both your staff and customers, in a way that suits your requirements.

Three modes of operation include:

  • Train mode – for sanitising a bank of multiple trolleys
  • Manual mode - for sanitising individual shopping baskets
  • Single mode - for customers to use on-demand

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Peace of mind
with SAGE Edge

Each Sanitizit unit is installed with SAGE Edge, an Industry 4.0 IoT connected controller, allowing connection into the SAGE Centralised Management and Monitoring System. This enables users to centrally configure, monitor, track and maintain all deployed Sanitizit units.

SAGE can remotely update and configure Sanitizit units, as well as collect data analytics of the unit's use, location and status with the ability to provide alerts for alarms and faults.


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Sanitizit system benefits



to set up

Inside, outside or both. No water connection, floor drain or specialty power outlet required. Set and forget.


Simple to

Spray the quick-drying mist over single or multiple items without making a mess.


Safe and

Sanitised trolleys will help your customers, patients
and employees feel safe.


Save on operational costs

No need for costly disposable wipes or manual cleaning.  



Manufactured and supported in Australia

SAGE Automation has formed an exclusive partnership with Sanitizit for the manufacture, lease and service of the sanitising systems world-wide, outside of the USA.

Our maturity in manufacturing means clients have complete confidence in the delivery, performance and maintenance of the Sanitizit systems. SAGE’s proven track record in remote support and round-the-clock service is support you can depend on.
SAGE Automation brings trolley sanitising system Sanitizit to Australia

SAGE Automation brings trolley sanitising system to Australia

A number of Drakes Supermarkets in South Australia are already rolling out the units in stores, with the system receiving positive feedback from customers.

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Watch how a supermarket trolley is sanitised in a matter of seconds

In an Austalian first, local SA company SAGE Automation will manufacture the US-developed ‘Sanitizit system’ for use across the country and New Zealand.




No wipes? No worries. This sanitising unit can clean your trolley for you

Drakes' supermarkets has installed an automated sanitising unit to disinfect shopping trolleys in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.



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